10 Things You Should Never Do at the Gym

Don't Hog Equipment

Be mindful of other gym-goers and share equipment when possible.

Don't Skip Warm-Ups

Warm up your muscles before exercising to prevent injury.

Don't Drop Weights

Dropping weights can damage equipment and potentially injure other gym-goers.

Don't Leave Sweat 

Use a towel to wipe down equipment after use and avoid leaving pools of sweat on the gym floor.

Don't Ignore Gym Etiquette

Be aware of common gym etiquette, such as re-racking weights and not taking phone calls on the gym floor.

Don't Wear  Stout Perfume

Strong perfumes or colognes can be distracting or even cause allergic reactions for other gym-goers.

Don't Use Equipment Incorrectly

Use equipment as intended to avoid injury and prevent damage to the equipment.

Don't Go Barefoot

Wear appropriate  footwear to avoid injury and maintain hygiene.

Don't Grunt  or Yell

Loud noises can be disruptive to other gym-goers and make for an uncomfortable.

Don't Interrupt Others

Avoid interrupting others mid-workout and wait for a natural pause in their routine before approaching them.