Bread Halwa Sweet in Telugu బ్రెడ్ హల్వా స్వీట్


The mouthwatering bread halwa is a simple and quickly made sweet dish. This bread halwa is not only easy to make with available ingredients in your pantry but also tastes delicious. Bread is of versatile in character that you can use it in many ways to create delightful dishes.

Ingredients Required:

Bread slices – 4
Sugar – ½ cup
Milk – ½ cup
Condensed milk – ¼ cup
Ghee to taste
Cashew nuts a handful
Raisin’s / kismis  – 2 tablespoons
Almonds – 2 tablespoons
Oil for deep fry
Red food color – a pinch
Cardamom powder – 1 tablespoon

Bread Halwa Preparation method:

1. Heat the pan and add the bread pieces.
2. Roast the pieces till it is golden brown. Do not add any oil/Ghee.
3. Repeat the procedure for the remaining pieces also.
4. Cut the roasted bread slices into 4 pieces.
5. Heat ghee in a pan, add some cashews and fry till golden
6. Keep it aside in a bowl.
7. Now fry almonds till golden color and keep it aside in a bowl.
8. Now add ghee in the same pan and heat it.
9. Add in kimis and fry. Remove it and set aside in a bowl.
10.  Now heat sufficient amount of oil in a pan and make it ready for deep fry.
11. Add bread pieces into oil and fry them until they turn to lite golden brown color, under medium flame.
12. Take care while doing the deep fry; the pieces should not turn dark in color. It should be lite golden brown in color.
13. Once fried, remove it using spatula and also drain excess oil.
14. Take out the fry pieces into a paper napkin, so it will absorb extra oil.
15. Repeat the procedure for the remaining pieces also.
16. Now take a pan and add sugar (½ cup) and water (½ cup) mix it well.
17. Boil the sugar syrup and then add fried bread pieces into the syrup.
18. Mix well and switch off the stove.
19. Wait for some time until the bread pieces absorb the sugar syrup.
20. Now switch on the stove, add in milk (½ cup) and condensed milk (1/4 cup) to the roasted bread.
21. Mix it well.
22. Let it cook for few minutes.
23. Meanwhile add little bit water into the food color.
24. Add food color (1 tablespoon) into the roasted bread pieces and mix well, under low flame.
25. Now it’s time to add fired nuts (almonds, cashews, kismis), mix well.
26. Finally Add in ghee (1 tablespoon) and cardamom powder (1 tablespoon). Mix it once until it starts leaving sides of pan and becomes glossy.
27. Then switch off the stove.
28. Now Transfer the halwa to a serving bowl.
29. Garnish the halwa with cashew nuts.

Tasty and delicious Bread Halwa is ready.


Don’t compromise on ghee and then you will not get the desired halwa texture and consistency.
You can also add khoya instead of condensed milk.
When it turns into mass. Ghee will start to ooze out at the side, which is the correct time to switch off.
Keeps well for 2 days if refrigerated. Whenever needed, you can reheat it?

Nutrition facts:

Sugars – 38.82g
Dietary fiber – 2.35g
Protein – 12g
Vitamin C – 1.7mg
Iron – 3.3mg
Calcium – 163.5mg

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