Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy vari Kalagnanam – The Precursor of Kalki

Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy vari Kalagnanam

(The Precursor of Kalki)

Let us know what the kalagnanam facts told my Potuluri Veera Bhrahmendra swamy varu. Whatever Veera brahmendra swamy foretold has come true in the due time. It is our good fortune is we hear sadhguru Veera bhrahmendra swamy future predictions.

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What is the era?

There are 4 Era (Yuga) according to Hindu mythology:
Kruta yugam is the first one; here god of Justice (Dharma Devata) was standing on four legs.
Treat yugam is the second era; here god of justice is on three legs.
Dwapara yugam, the third Yuga, god of justice is standing on two legs.
Now we are in Kaliyugam,

In this era, god of justice has no place to stand, People are fully corrupted, Man has no love on his mother, father is given any value, Teachers are not respected and even man is killing another man.

Mother Earth approaches the protector 

Mother earth is crying that she cannot bear these bad civilizations on earth. She went to Kailasam (Heaven) and asked Lord Vishnu to come to earth and preach these men the finer way of life. Lord Vishnu was pleased with the concern of Mother Earth and promised her that will take away her problems and help his devotees.

As promised, Sadhguru took birth on earth to the divine couple Prakrutamba and Paripurna Acharyulu in Bharmandapuram, Kadapa district in Andhra Pradesh.
Veerappaya, veerambhotlayya and veers brahmendra swamy were the names lord promised himself to be called as on earth. He wanted to preach his disciples and other men on earth about consequences that are going to take place in the coming years on this holy earth. He set out with his favorite disciple, sidhayya and wandered all around the world for 175 years and then he departed his life.

At the end of Kaliyuga, he would again come as Veera Bhoga Vasanta Rayulu and put an end to the misery and evil in the world were his last words which are still echoing in our ears.

Even now, if anything strange happens, the weird incident takes place, everyone remembers brahmendra swamy words.
So let us know the facts that have already taken place, the ones happening now and what are going to happen in the future.
Sadhguru said that after 5000 years passes in Kali yuga, his words will come true in the span of 108 years. Kaliyuga is 4,32,000 years.

The appearance of Swami on holy Earth

After swamy’s birth, his parents passed away, then a Sage took care of Swamy. He handed over the kid to Veera bhoja Acharya and veera papamamaba who were leading a life in distress because they could not have a child. Then they name guru as Veerambhotlayya. After Swamy attained 6 years his father passed away and he told his mother, who was in pain of her husband’s death, that his time has come to leave her and set off to preach righteousness to people. His mother couldn’t bear that her son is also leaving her. Then swami told her truth about his birth and appeared before her as Lord Vishnu.

He then stayed with garimareddy Achamma and took care of the animals. Every day he used to take the animals to the hill, let them graze at the grass and he used to write a book about the future forecast.

He wrote the future book in a small cave, where the lady he used to work for used to see him secretly. She came to him and asked him to cure her blind son. He then touched the kid and he got his eyes back. The first time, he told the lady about his future forecast.

Then he moved to another place and started working as Carpenter. He appeared as a simple and common man.
There are many other miracles that Sadhguru had to do, to prove himself as the son of the Lord.

By word of mouth, the Nawab of the state came to know about Veera Bhramam garu and called him to his palace to assess his honesty. Swamy understood that the king had some doubt about his sincerity and called him for the same. Swamy called some guards and asked them to get pregnant mare from the stable. He took out the foal, the unborn baby from the mother horse and showed everyone, later he put it back and again bought the horse back alive.
There are many such incidents where swamy proved himself and gained many more followers.

The predictions include: 

Now let us know the facts from the book of fortune by Sri Veera Bhrahmendra Swamy:

1. Wild animals will come onto the road. This is happening now. Many recent incidents show wild animals coming out of their habitat on the roads and attacking villagers.

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2. Harvests would decline and cows would yield less milk.

3. Father and son would fight among themselves.

4. A pig will give birth to an elephant faced pig.
This happened on March 6th, 2013 in narayanapeta,mahaboob nagar district. It also happened in 1979in kodada mandal, nalgonda district and also in 1982 in narsaraopeta, Guntur district.

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5. Kasi will be contaminated for eighty days. This happened in 1912 due to the floods in the holy Ganges, people of Kasi were affected with the infectious disease, cholera.

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6. India will be under the rule of a mother for 16 years. Indira Gandhi was prime minister of India serving from 1966 to 1984.

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7. Gods, Brahmins, and Gurus would be ill-treated and disrespected by people.

8. A man flying in the skies would come and rule the country. Rajiv Gandhi was a professional pilot for Indian airlines. He joined politics and later was appointed as the prime minister of India.

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9. The fearful form of Narasimha would rule in India. He is great P.V. Narasimha Rao. He was a lawyer and politician. He was the tenth prime minister of India.

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10. 1980-full solar eclipse- red sky

11. 1986-Guntur repalle.

12. Varakatnam- parents –dowry

13. Most men will be napunsakalings

14. Images on the screen would rule states in India.
(Cinema actors would become political leaders. It has happened and still continuing. Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao a.k.a N.T.R was chief minister of united Andhra Pradesh, Ramachandran in Tamil Nadu and Ramakrishna Hekde in Karnataka)

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15. Foreigners would come to India and would rule the entire country. In their rule, everyone would get the education under a new system. Gandhi will be born in the northern states of India and fight for our independence.

(We know that we were under British rule from 1858 to 1947 and Gandhi Ji was born in Porbandar, Gujarat. His two weapons are non-violence and truth.)

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16. The lamps would be lit with the use of water.
(Signifying the discovery of hydroelectric power. The use of electricity in our house, office and everywhere is because of the energy from water power)

17. Parents will force a girl child for marriage to get money. The dowry system, transfer of parental property at the marriage of a daughter.

18. Men will become greedy. They will depend on their wife for money. Men will become lazy and will torture their wife for money. Due to all this, most of the men will take birth as transgender.

19. People will hunt for food in the forest. Cut down the trees and also kill innocent animals for food. Deforestation will lead to less rainfall. The people will suffer due to less water and environmental imbalance.

20. A woman will rise above man in all fields and attain top positions along with the other men.

21. The invention of TV, Radio, Telephone, Tape recorder will arise. Described as ‘Maya Shakti’ this has voice and nobody form.

22. The sky will become red during the day and the sun will shiver for a moment. The whole world will be in dark.

There are pieces of evidence of full solar eclipse occurred in 1980. The world was dark for 15 minutes in the daytime. The scientists also declared that the sun was shaky for 15 minutes which is recorded in Konark Sun temple.

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23. The palm tree which will bend itself and get back to the same position after sometime. This happened in 1986 in Isukathota near Repalle village, Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh.

24. The goat will give birth to a 5 headed sheep; a cow will deliver a human baby. The resemblance to such action has taken place in 1964 at Anakapalli in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh.

25. Gold rates will reach the skies and thus copper jewelry will come into the picture.

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26. The people on earth will take advantage of Sun. For example, Satellites will be sent into space, finding the reason for human existence in the solar system through the geospatial information.

27. In a Brahmin’s house, tamarind will grow from bitter gourd tree. This incident also took place in Damalpadu in palanadu district.

28. Jewels will be born in Rayalaseema. The gems are Bommara pothana, Allasani Peddana, Yogi vemareddy, Annamacharyulu and many more great people.

29. Infertile women will give birth to a child. The child will live only for 3 days and on 11th-day stars will be seen early morning in the sky. In 1980 on February 5th in Madras, a 7-year girl gave birth to a baby and passed away. On February 16th, complete solar eclipse took place where they could see stars in the morning.

30. There will be occasions without a Brahmin. The backward caste people will read Vedas and Brahmins will listen to them.

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31. The lion and goat will drink some well. It means that there will be no caste and discrimination. All the human beings will become one and stay.

32. Due to bad deeds, people would experience many kinds of illness in their lives.  Diseases not even known to the doctors will appear to the public.

33. After 5000 years of Kaliyuga, there will not a drop of water in the Ganges.

34. People of peaceful nature would turn angry. Good people would become scarce.  Sinners would become countless. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and tsunamis will be taking place.

35. Vehicles will no longer require bullock carts to hold the masses.
(That indicates the invention of automobiles, the cars, buses, cycle, motorbike etc)

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36. Every caste would lose its identity. All castes would become mixed and people would fight among themselves for their religion or castes due to mutual misunderstandings and die.

37. People would lose the sense of differentiation between right & wrong and would indulge in incestuous relationships

38. Fire accidents would be frequent.
(442 persons, mostly children were killed in a fire accident due to short circuit on December 23, 1995, and for every 4-5 years many fire accidents have been taking place)

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39. People would get ulcers in the mouth, vomit blood, would get coronary failures, brain failures and would die. People would die of burning sensations in the stomach

40. Ambrosia would trickle down from the Neem tree (Happened on Oct-28, 2010 in a village of Andhra Pradesh and was telecasted in TV9-An eminent news channel of Andhra Pradesh)

41. The rule of democracy would get implemented which would be comfortable for all when compared to former days’ rules

42. People of very short height will take birth.
(The beginning of dwarfs and Lilliputians)

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The following incidents would let us be all set for Swami’s arrival back on earth:

43. Godavari River would get completely dried up for twelve days continuously. After that, all of a sudden huge flash floods would be seen in that river.

44. Villages will be eradicated and cities will grow more in number.

45. Stars will be visible in the morning. Due to this entire population of some villages will be wiped out.

46. Fall of meteors will take place.

47. Goddess Kamakshi of Kanchi will rotate herself round for three hours continuously. Kanchi Kamakshi will vomit blood.

48. Newborn babies will start talking.

49. Six religions will merge themselves into one.

50. Mallikarjhuna Swami of Srisailam would converge with devotees, Srisailam pilgrimage would be destroyed.

51. Bhrahmins would become again be interested in following their rituals and follow great paths.

52. Wolfs and fox will start wandering in the villages and towns. They will start growling in the morning.

53. Rains will be full of blood.

54. In the midst of the Krishna River, a golden fountain will be seen. The people who will see it will try to get that gold and will become blind.

55. Sri Venkateshwara Swami right shoulder will shiver.

56. Brahmins will become less in number. Marriages will take place without checking any caste and position of people.

57. Groundwater will deplete. There will be a lot of water problems.

Swami has already come on earth in form of Lord Sri Rama in Treta Yugam and Lord Sri Krishna in Dwapara Yugam.

It is said that those who bath in Ganga will be freed from their bad deeds. But in near future, Ganga will be polluted.
There will be wars among countries.

From 1988-2014, a lot of strange things will happen in temples and then people will be frightened.
The value for money will go down. Many children, women, and men will be washed out in the floods.

On Amavasya (No moon day), the full moon will be seen.
Many fake Sages would come forward and will be thrown out by people when their bogus identities are revealed.

The mass assassination of the holy cow will take place.

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People who come to know this Kalagnanam (Future Forecast) by Swami Veera brahmendra Swami are privileged.

If you are reading the end of this, you are liberated from the karma of your bad deeds.

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