Dasara Special Recipes | Navratri Dussehra Vijayadasami Prasadam

Dussehra Navratri Vijayadasami Prasadam Recipes

The festival Dussehra is known as Navratri (9 nights) or Vijayadasami. it is a nine days festival, one each day we offer prasadm also called as neivedhyam for Goddess Durga matha. The tenth day of this festival is called Vijaya dasami.

We usually offer the below kinds of prasadam recipes on those nine days of Navratri festival. In Telugu states the festival is known as Dasara.

Prasadam Pulihora: 

We have prepared this recipe in temple style, you will love this food.

Purnam Boorelu

One of my favourite recipe during the festivals, especially the inside sweet purnam is the highlight of the recipe.

Rava Kesari Burelu:

In Telugu states, we usually prepared this rava kesari burelu for kids, whenever we have time.

Paramannam (Milk Rice)

This prasadam recipe is highly nutritious food. Not only for festivals house inauguration/warming celebrations and while performing pooja at home also we use to prepare this milk rice recipe.

Kattu Pongali

One of the special hot recipe in prasadam recipes.


We can simply call it curd rice, but the way of preparation is quite different from the regular curd rice with the pope.

Rava Kesari

Easiest sweet recipe to prepare at home, it takes hardly 15 minutes to prepare.

Chalimidi, Panakam and Vadapappu

This is also one of the regular prasadam recipes we use to prepare for festivals especially for Sri Ramana navami, Ganesh Chaturthi etc.

Semiya Payasam

As we have added milk and dry fruits, this recipe is also one of the healthy prasadam recipes

Lemon Rice (Nimmakaya Pulihora)

When we don’t have time for preparing pulihora or tiger food, just try preparing pulihora with lemon. we usually prepare this lemon rice for breakfast, lunch and as a tiffin box while travelling.

Mamidikaya Pulihora (Mango Pulihora)

If you have mangoes available at your place, please don’t miss to prepare this mango pulihora, the people who loves sour taste will really like this mango pulihora, we can serve this as one of he prasadm in Navratri festival

Rava Pulihora

The preparation of this rava pulihora is quite similar to the prasam pulihora which we have prepared with Tamarind, surely can offer as prasadam recipe for Dussehra festival time

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