Chicken Pakora Recipe

How To Make Chicken Pakora

Chicken Pakora is also known as chicken pakodi. This recipe is usually used as a side dish for the rice items; you can also eat this pakora as snacks in the evening times. Chicken pakoras are famous for its spiciness and taste.

Ingredients Required:

Chicken – ¼ kg(boneless and chopped into small pieces)
Gram flour – 1 cup
Corn flour – 1 tablespoon
Rice flour – 1 tablespoon
Red chili powder – ½ tablespoon
Turmeric powder – 1 pinch
Onion – 1 (chopped into small pieces)
Green chilies – 3(sliced)
Curry leaves – 2 bunches
Few coriander leaves
Salt to taste
Garam Masala powder – 1 tablespoon
Ginger – Garlic paste – 1 tablespoon
Red food color – 1 pinch

Preparation Method:

Take a mixing bowl and add boneless chicken to the bowl.
Then add a cup of gram flour, a tablespoon of corn flour and a tablespoon of rice flour into the chicken pieces.
Then add ½ tablespoon of red chili powder, a pinch of turmeric powder, a tablespoon of Garam Masala powder, chopped onions, green chilies, curry leaves and coriander leaves into the pieces.
Now add salt as per taste and mix all the ingredients well.
Then add a tablespoon of ginger – garlic paste into the mixture and mix it well.
Then add water to the food color and then pour the food color into the pieces.
Mix everything well.
Marinate the chicken for about an hour.
Then switch on the stove and heat a pan.
Then pour enough oil to deep fry the pieces and heat it.
After oil gets heated then add chicken pieces one by one in that pan.
Keep turning the chicken pieces side by side so that it cooks on all sides evenly.
Fry the chicken pieces in medium flame until they change to golden brown color.
Using a slotted spoon scoop the fried chicken pieces and places them on a drainer so that it drains the excess oil.
Then keep the drainer containing fried pieces in a bowl.
Then repeat the same process till the rest of the chicken pieces are done.
Finally, transfer the chicken pieces to a serving bowl.
Garnish with coriander leaves and onion rings.

Tasty and crispy chicken pakoras are ready to serve now

Serving suggestion:

Serve this chicken Pakora steaming hot along with side assortment of biryani or with fried rice or you can serve these pakoras as starters.


Food color is optional.
To make it tastier add few drops of lemon juice to the chicken pakoras.
To increase the spiciness, you can add more green chilies.

Nutrition Facts:

Total fat – 11g
Sodium – 1,005mg
Potassium – 610mg
Total carbs – 22g
Dietary fiber – 3g
Sugars – 9g
Protein – 44g

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