How to Make Palkova in Telugu

Palkova Sweet Home Style 


Milk – 1 litre 
Sugar – 200 grams
Ghee – 50 grams
Cardamom powder (Yalukalu) – 1 tea spoon
Cloves – 4 (optional- used for garnishing )
Red food colour – pinch (optional)
Cooking soda – ¼ tea spoon

Preparation method :

1. Put a flat vessel on stove and turn on flame.
2. Pour some milk into vessel, boil by stirring continuously. 
While boiling milk, cream (meegada) will form on edges of vessel, keep stirring to remove cream and mix it in boiling milk.
You need to stir milk till you get creamy kova. 
Cream should not form on edges, this will get burn and change to brown colour.
3. Now add remaining milk to vessel and boil them. 
4. Once milk start over flowing when boiling adjust the flame to low and boil them by continuously string.
Keep adjusting flame while boiling. Milk should raise to over flow thrice.
5. Now milk is boiled, add two table spoon sugar and keep boiling.
6. Milk will reduce from 1 litre to ¼  litre after boiling.
7. Now add remaining sugar to milk and mix it well, sugar should dissolve in milk.

Continuously string avoids milk from burning, when milk is not burnt colour of kova will not change other wise it will turn to brown colour.

8. Now add 1 tea spoon cardamom powder and mix it well.
9. After some time kova is formed, it will be thick and will not stick to the vessel.
10. Turn on the stove and mix it for another 2-3 minutes to cool it.
11. Now take a plate, spread 1 table spoon ghee on it.
12. Now transfer kova from vessel to plate and spread it.
13. On kova put 1 table spoon ghee and spread, ghee and kova should get mixed.
14. Leave it to cool, kova should come to room temperature.
15. Now mix this kova into a dough by pressing with hand.
Apply some ghee to hand if kova is sticking.
16. A soft dough like kova is ready to make different shapes.
Here we will make cylindrical, round and apple shape palkova.
  Make small equal balls out of this kova dough.
Press this into cylindrical shape with both hands.
Make another round ball, slightly press it in top.
Make another ball and press into cone shape.
Garnish them with cashew and badam.
Apple shape kova

        Make 3 equal size ball and slightly press on top to make a hole using little finger.
         Add some amount of water to food colour and mix it well.
         Apply this colour water on kova’s top edges.
        Put a clove in the hole to get apple look.
 Now tasty home made Palkova is ready to eat. Children love to eat them in different shapes.

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