Ignoring Congestive Heart Failure CHF Symptoms can Harm your Life

Ignoring Congestive Heart Failure CHF Symptoms can Harm your Life

Heart failure is very dangerous and as well as very threatening for human life. Many people passed away from heart failure which is very common now and that is why people are very afraid about it. So it is very important for everyone to know the Congestive heart failure symptoms and id any find any similarities of these Congestive heart failure symptom in them they should immediately contact a doctor.

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The heart failed because of a chronic condition which affects the chambers of the heart. Generally, the ventricles send blood to the organs and tissues and received by atria which circulate it all over the body. But when the ventricles cannot pump blood properly the CHF occurs. It is a life-threatening attack so you should be extra careful about the Congestive heart failure symptom.

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There is much Congestive heart failure symptom on which you should give a very close look. If you can diagnosis this threat at the very early stage you can save your life may be without an operation by taking some medicines only. However, if the Congestive heart failure symptom gets worse when you notice them first, you should instantly go to the doctor.

Here are some most common symptoms of CHF

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Feeling difficulty to breath when the person will lie down or at night. Breathing problem is a very common and the starting Congestive heart failure symptom

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Chronic coughing and wheezing while breathing and feel breathlessness is the second common Congestive heart failure symptom. The person will feel breathing trouble while coughing and with every breath, the person can listen a wheezing sound from his chest.

Fatigue and weakness are the third Congestive heart failure symptom.  When HCF attacks, it makes the person very weak because the blood circulation processes started damaging then. It can make that person very weak.

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Swollen ankles, feet, and legs are also important and common Congestive heart failure symptom about which you should take care of.

Here are some other Congestive heart failure symptoms:

Abdominal pain, loss of appetite are also some Congestive heart failure symptom.  People should take care of these symptoms. IF they find any of them in they should go to the doctor.

Accumulation of fluid in the abdomen, pale skin, cold hands or feet are also some other Congestive heart failure symptom.

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If you find any kind of up-state symptoms in you should immediately go to the doctor. If the doctor finds anything suspicious, he will ask you for some tests like MRI, stress test, the blood test to check the blood cells. IF he fined any abnormality in these reports, he will start treating you for CHF. The doctor will treat you according to the condition of your heart. He can suggest you the ACE inhibitors, Beta blockers, diuretics- first according to your necessities. If these don’t work then he will ask you to go for the surgery. Angioplasty or open-heart bypass surgeries can be done according to your heart condition.

But remember the most important thing, if you cannot recognize the Congestive heart failure symptom very first and started ignoring it, and then it can be very harmful to your health. So, first of all, do not ignore any Congestive heart failure symptom and remember all of them. After all its about your heart and your life.

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