10 Unsolved Mystery Deaths that will Make your Blood Run Cold

Completely Mysterious Deaths Never Solved in the History

1. Warren G Harding ( 1865-1923)

The 29th President of United States is reported to have been died of massive heart attack. Many questions rose against his wife as she refused for autopsy done to the president’s body.  A book on ‘Strange Death of President Harding’ by Robert Ferrell in 1996 stated before media that his demise was by a heart stroke only.

Another theory by Carl Anthony came forward with a completely different hypothesis on Sawyer, who was a not a qualified surgeon. He has provoked the death of president by giving an overdose of deadly laxatives. A celebrity death mystery to be solved.

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2. Helen Brach

The richest widower of Chicago also known as ‘The Candy Lady’ inherited her husband’s property after Frank died in 1970. The crooks did not know that her money was untouchable. The wealth was hidden in a foundation under her name which continues to pay for decades after her death. A recent survey has announced possessions cost about a total of 123dollars out of which every year a considerable amount credited to respective organizations.

Her personal attendant, Jack Matlick was the last person who saw her alive and soon came under suspicion due to many reasons. He cashed some checks which he claims are signed by the mistress and repainted a room in the mansion during his 4-day stay. He also lodged the missing complaint after two weeks the lady went missing. He also failed the lie detector. The mystery revolves around the celebrity’s death.

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3. Betsy Aardsma

Betsy Ruth Aardsma is a 22-year-old American college student who was murdered in the stacks area of Pattee Library at the Pennsylvania State University in 1969. Her murder still remains a mystery.

Betsy was stabbed a single time in her breast with a knife severely hurting her pulmonary artery and piercing her right ventricle of the heart. A few minutes later two men from the library came running to the desk clerk alerting him about the condition of the girl who has never been identified. It is considered as most mysterious death in history.

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4. Elaine Nix

18-year-old youngster used the pay phone at Zack’s Food Rack on Candler highway in Gainesville, GA used to chat with her boyfriend a couple of times a week. It was later disclosed by an investigation that later that night when she hands up the phone, three men walked down to her and offered her money.

When she rejected them, they grabbed her and took into the woods. The policeman found her near the store naked and they had no clue how she died. It is one of the famous mysterious deaths of that time.

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5. The Black Dahlia Murder

The Black Dahlia Murder is an American band formed in 2001 whose name is derived from the unsolved mystery of Elizabeth short often referred to as ‘Black Dahlia’. The 22-year-old was cut into two pieces and blood was spill all over the vacant lot. No one is arrested in this case till now. It is one among the most mysterious deaths in history.

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6. Tracey Neilson

Neilson, a Canadian resident was murdered on her 21st birthday in her apartment in Moore, Okla. From the last 34 years, investigators have followed 1500 leads but couldn’t find anything.

Investigators found a cable trouble assignment ticket booked before noon the morning she was killed. There were three letters in the bottom left corner which is for employers to sign and OSBI’s trying to figure out which cable company came for survey and went to Tracey’s home. It stands with the famous mysterious deaths of all time.

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7. Bridgette Gearen

It was very brutal, the 28-year-old mother was snatched from inside the beach house while her 2-year-old daughter, Kyra was still sleeping inside. She was brutally raped, murdered and her body was dumped at the water’s edge the following morning.

Corps says that she tried desperately to get off her attackers. The police chief says it is the worst case he has seen in his 40 years career. It is one of the most mysterious deaths in history which mystified the police around the world for years.

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8. The Bowling Alley Massacre

In 1990, two men staged an inhuman act in a bowling alley in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  They shot seven people, killed four and vanished without a trace. The deceased included the alley mechanic, his 2-year-old daughter, 12-year-old and a 6-year-old. One of the victims, a 12-year-old Melissa managed to call the police even though she was shot 5 times.

The killers were identified as Hispanic men, one around 30 and the other 45 or 50. There are no traces of them being caught. It is one of the most mysterious deaths in history which made people fear of bowling.

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9. The Paraquat Murderers

The Paraquat murder was a series of poisoning in Japan in mid-80’s. whenever anyone came to collect juice or drink they received another free bottle which was poisoned with herbicide paraquat. A total of 12 people were killed with this dreadful act. The criminals of this act are nowhere to be found. It is the famous mystery death in Japan which has alarmed the public usage of free goods.

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10. Geetha Angara

The 43-year chemist and mother of three working for Passaic valley water commission in New Jersey was choked to death likely by a male co-worker inside a water treatment plant until she died. Later the murderer placed her body in a large underground water tank which was frigid to 36 degrees. The lady drowned and died as soon as she was put in the tank. The killers are roaming outside.  It is still the most mysterious deaths in history.

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