YouTube Video Ranking Tips 2018 – Revealed Mana Vantillu Channel Success Factors

YouTube Video Ranking Tips Tutorial 2018

In this article I will share with you the top 32 factors will rank the video high on YouTube.

If your videos didn’t get views, don’t gave up on your efforts, just follow the steps explained in this video

1. Video Keyword/Topics Research –

Find out the right and potential keywords for your YouTube videos.

When you type something on YouTube search box, you will see some keyword suggestions by YouTube, this is called YouTube’s Search Suggest feature, you can pick the keywords from that list. target low-competition keywords

The other option is – To visit any popular channel in your niche and Then, sort their videos by “Most Popular”, There you will find their top videos that have generated the most views

Choose a video from the list and create your own video based on that context. You can also check out the keywords that the video had used in its title, description, and tags,

You can use TubeBuddy or VidIQ Chrome extension for this activity. in fact, there are many tools available online for this.

You should also try to get the YouTube video rank on Google search engine so that you will get more views. That I will explain in my upcoming videos.

2. HD Video – Upload a good quality video. For that, you don’t need a fancy camera and or a studio. A normal digital camera or even a mobile phone is sufficient.

3. Create a Custom Thumbnail – A well-designed custom thumbnail will definitely grab the user’s attention and improve the click-through rate. Use bright colors like Yellow, Red or Orange for this.

4. Video Length – Google loves content and YouTube loves videos. Pages with more content rank better in Google and videos with more content rank better on YouTube

5. Video File Name – Use the keyword at the beginning of the title

6. Video Title – When you upload the video file to your YouTube account it will automatically pull the title from the raw file name.

7. Video Description – Write a unique description for each of your videos, write a minimum 300 words content for description and use the keywords in the first 30 characters.

8. Video Tags – Add as many related keywords in the tag’s field.

9. Add subtitles – A study by ‘Digital Networks’ revealed that there is a distinct increase ranking of the videos with ‘captions’ compared to the videos without captions. YouTube indexes videos with captions.

10. Create a Playlist – create a new playlist with the synonyms of the keyword. Also, Adding the video to more number of playlists will boost your video rankings. It is similar to that of link building for articles or web pages, Ask your friends and relatives to create playlists in their YouTube account and add your videos into it.

11. Social Bookmarking – Auto-sync your YouTube channel with Google+, Facebook, Twitter and with all other social bookmarking sites. Using some online tools such as IFTTT, OnlyWire etc.

12. Embed the Video – Embedding video on high Page Authority web pages or high Domain authority sites will improve the ranking of the video. 

13. Build Links – Even if we get backlinks to the video, that will help in increasing video ranking on YouTube.

14. Add featured/Trailer video – Set the targeted video as a Trailer video in your YouTube, this also helps in ranking the video.

15. Channel Name – Select a channel name which is easy to remember from a user perspective.

16. Optimize Your Channel Page – Logo

This will be fetched from your Google+ profile picture, design an effective Logo.

17. Channel art – People judge your YouTube channel based on the banner, create an Eye-catching banner and provide more information about your channel

18. Links – Adding links to your social media pages and websites will not only drive quality traffic but will also help search engines to associate them with your business/website.

19. Channel Description – Write a unique description about your channel, so that search engine will display your videos on suggested videos.

20. Channel Keywords – Add your niche keywords

21. Subscribe to the relevant channels – Subscribe to popular niche YouTube channels, so that the YouTube algorithm will understand your channel Niche and display in suggested videos.

22. Conclusion CTA – End the video with a call-to-action such as subscribe to my channel, Like my videos & share it with your friends etc.

23. Create an Intro – Showcase the brand name and context of the video in the starting 5 seconds of the video. Including brand names in all your videos, will help visitors to remember your channel name.

24. Watch time – watch time is a significant ranking factor, Maximize the watch time by creating videos with interesting content

25. CTR – If your videos will get more clicks in the search result page, then the YouTube will understand that the search query is relevant to your video so that it will improve the ranking position of the video

26. Engagement metrics – Based on the user interactions such as Likes, Dislikes, Comments & shares, YouTube algorithm will understand your video importance and decide accordingly.

27. Social signals – Number of shares and likes for the video on social networking sites and the social signals will tell YouTube about user retention.

28. End Screens – Here you can display other videos, playlists, or any channels.

29. Cards –  Cards will encourage your viewers to take further action. We can call these cards as clickable CTAs

30. Custom URL – Once your channel gets 100 or more subscribers and is 30 days old, it will be eligible to claim a custom URL

31. Go Live – Live video streaming videos will grab more attention from visitors. Also, there is a study saying that Youtube ranks the live streamed videos higher than the regular ones.

32. Associated Website – Once you are a part of the YouTube partner program, your channel will be eligible to add an associated website on all your videos. To join in the YouTube partner program the eligibility criteria is channel should have 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and get 1,000 subscribers

YouTube is constantly updating their ranking algorithm to a provide a better user experience for visitors

Hope my strategy will help you to get more views by ranking your videos higher on Google and YouTube search engines

Get started and rank higher! All the best !!

Here is the video for YouTube Video Ranking Tips


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