A Sacred Walk to Mount Kailash Mansarovar

A Sacred Walk to Mt. Kailash Manasarovar Yatra

Kailash Manasarovar yatra revolves around the belief of the four religions Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Bonpo’s. It is known for its religious importance, cultural significance and mesmerizing nature. In spite of the dangerous path to the Mt. Kailash, many pilgrims plan every year to go there. Kailash Manasarovar Yatra involves walk at high elevations up to 19,500 feet, uninviting conditions, intense cold climate and rough terrains. Emotionally and the physically weak public are not allowed to go the holy expedition.

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The pilgrimage tour most famously known as Kailash Manasarovar Yatra is organized by the Ministry of External affairs every year for 60 travelers for the duration of twenty-seven days. The route from Lipulekh pass takes the tourists to the great Kailash manasarovar yatra but now a new route has opened on June 8th which will pass via Nathula Pass on India-China border from east Sikkim to the second biggest city in Tibet, Shigatse by signing a memorandum of Understanding between the two countries in September 2014.

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Kailash manasarovar history lies with Hindus who believe that on top of the gigantic mountain up there resides supreme Lord Shiva in an eternal state of meditation. He is sitting there on top at the peak and creating sustaining forces that holds the universe together. Tibetans have named this mighty rock as ‘The Precious Jewel of Snow’. They consider that a great mystic saint and poet Milarepa wrote a hundred thousand poems on Buddhism. Kailash manasarovar history in view of Jains says that Mt. Kailash is the place where prophet achieved enlightenment. Bonus believe it is here, that their founder descended from the heavens. It is a consecrated place for one and all. Many people from different customs, cultures, religions and their trust bring them to this sacred place overcoming all the obstacles in their path. The Tibetan tradition says that whenever a religious gathering happens at the Kailash manasarovar, Lord Buddha manifests himself physically.

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Twenty kilometers from the Mt. Kailash lies the freshwater lake, Manasarovar which is covered in Kailash manasarovar yatra. It lies at 4590 m above mean sea water level a relatively high elevation for a large freshwater lake on mostly saline lake-studded Tibetan Plateau. Hindus believe one who drinks water from this lake which is the epitome of purity will go to the abode of Shiva after death. It is a belief in Hinduism that this lake was first formed in mind of Brahma, the creator which is base for Kailash manasarovar history. The name comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Manasa Sarovaram’ which means that ‘mind’ and ‘lake’.

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Bon is a religion which predates Buddhism in Tibet, trusts that the nine-story Swastik Mountain is the seat for spiritual power. It is the highest source of fresh water in the world covering about 90km in circumference known as the ‘Unconquerable Lake’. The blue and emerald green colored lake is endorsed with healing powers. There are arrays of temples and stupas on the way of Kailash manasarovar yatra with ancient architectures and colorful markets which can be enjoyed and explored.

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Mt. Kailash is one of the most significant spiritual spots in the world worshipped by people of different religions from across the world. It is the source of the major rivers in India namely Ganges, Brahmaputra, Sutlej and Indus. It is more than a journey for pilgrims who visit Mount Kailash; it is a life changing experience as per the opinions of many.  A journey to this out-of-the-way, enduring, breath-taking and captivating spiritual place is a journey within yourself. The magical and mysterious place has drawn its attention to many people for various reasons of their own.


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