Lung Cancer Symptoms, Causes and Treatment with Pictures

Check the Symptoms of Lung Cancer and Stay away from the Causes of Lung Cancer

The uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the lung is called lung cancer. These cells do not continue the normal cell functions or do not develop any healthy lung tissues. These abnormal cells will grow and develop a tumor, and later it started stopping the lung function which is oxygen supply in blood. You can have primary and secondary lung cancer.


In the primary lung cancer, the abnormal cancer cells start and grow in the lung area. But in secondary lung cancer, it travels from another part of the body to the lungs. In the secondary lung cancer, the lung isn’t the place where it born. Here are some causes and Lung cancer symptoms of lung cancer which will help you to diagnose your problem and if you find any kind of Lung cancer symptoms in you, you should immediately go for the doctor.

Causes of Lung Cancer:

There are several causes of this cancer and Lung cancer symptoms to about which you should be careful and taken care of. 


Smoking is the main cause of lung cancer. If you are a smoker then you can have 70% extra chance to have a lung cancer. According to a medical survey, it is proved that 90% cause of lung cancer is smoking or consuming tobacco in any other process.
Even the non-smokers who become a victim of passive smoking are 24 % chance to have lung cancer according to the same survey.
Even working in an asbestos firm or any area where people have to inhale this asbestos fibers are can be very dangerous to people. That’s why it is banned in the United States.
If any of your family members have lung cancer due to making then it increases your chance of having this disease on a big scale. That is why you should always take care of yourself as much as you can and give a close look if you can feel any Lung cancer symptoms in you.

Lung cancer Symptoms:

There are many Lung cancer Symptoms. Some Lung cancer Symptoms you can find in your chest and some Lung cancer Symptoms for all over the body.


Lung cancer Symptoms on the chest:

Sheer pain in the back, chest, and shoulder- this is one of the most vital Lung cancer Symptoms
Colour and volume change of sputum
Intense coughing
Voice became changes


You can listen a hoarse sound while breathing
Feeling breathlessness is a Lung cancer Symptoms
Bronchitis or pneumonia kind of lung problems
Coughing up mucus
Coughing up blood is quite general Lung cancer Symptoms for chest

When the lung cancer spreads the person can feel Lung cancer Symptoms in other parts of this body especially on those which are related with lungs like bones, lymph nodes, brain, liver and adrenal glands,


Lung cancer Symptoms which you can feel if it spread out are:

Appetite loss
Decreasing of Body Weight
Cachexia which means wasting of muscle is a Lung cancer Symptoms
Intense pain in bone and joints, headache
Sudden fracture of bones without any injury caused by an accident.
Neurological problems,
Memory loss
Swelling in neck or face can also be a Lung cancer Symptoms
Increasing weakness
Bleeding and Blood clots

These are some symptoms about which you should take care of greatly. And if you find any Lung cancer Symptoms in you, then you should immediately go to the doctor for treatment.

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