Be Careful about Throat Cancer and Remember their Symptoms

Throat Cancer: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

When our body cells multiply and divide uncontrollably in the body, that disease is called cancer. And the malignant growth of these abnormal cells is called tumors. In the case of throat cancer, its effects on the vocal cord, voice box, tonsils and other parts of the throat. There are mainly two kinds of Throat cancers:

1. Pharyngeal cancer

2. Laryngeal cancer

The 1st kind of cancer will affect on your hollow tube and the 2nd kind of throat cancer forms in your voice box. Throat cancer is a very dangerous disease and you should be very careful about this. There are some Throat cancer symptoms we will discuss. The throat cancer symptoms are different for a different type of throat cancers, though there are some common symptoms too.We will let you know about their causes and some treatment processes in short also.

Causes of Throat Cancer

Rather than woman, men are having more tendency of having this disease; white in men we can find the more Throat cancer symptoms. There are some causes related to our daily lifestyle which helps to increase the Throat cancer symptoms on us. Here are the causes of throat cancer:

  • Heavy smoking
  • Consuming excessive alcohol
  • Poor hygienic condition of dental
  • Lack of vitamin A

Throat cancer symptoms

Here are some symptoms through which you can recognize a throat cancer disease. As stated up, there are two kinds of throat cancers; here you will find the Throat cancer symptoms of those two kinds also.
1)      Throat cancer symptoms for all kind of throat cancers:
·         Difficulty in swallowing
·         Decreasing body weight
·         Massive changes in voice
·         Throat sore
·         Cough
·         Bleeding from nose and mouth
·         Swelling of throat, neck, jaw, and eyes 
These symptoms are common in every kind of throat cancers. But Pharyngeal cancer and Laryngeal cancer are two different kinds of throat cancers who have some other Throat cancer symptoms too. 
2)      Pharyngeal cancer symptoms:
The Pharyngeal Throat cancer symptoms occur in the specific area of cancer. A tumor can be seen or felt in the affected area.
  • Excessive sore throat
  • Hoarseness in voice 
  • A massive change in voice
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Jaw pain and, or ear pain
  • A lump in throat, neck or back of the mouth
  • Feeling breathless
  • Bleeding from nose frequently
  • Feeling difficulties in swallowing food
  • Decreasing in weight
  • A sheer pain behind the breastbone
  • Massive headaches

3)      Laryngeal cancer symptoms:
The Laryngeal Throat cancer symptoms effects as a change of voice and forms in supraglottis and subglottis. Here are some Throat cancer symptoms of Laryngeal cancer:
  • Excessive sore throat
  • Feeling breathlessness
  • Felling or can see a lump in the neck
  • Massive weight loss
  • Feeling difficulties in swallowing foods
  • Ear pain
  • Persistent coughing

Stages of Throat Cancers

If a person ever feels any kind of Throat cancer symptoms in them, they are asked to go and take doctor’s advice.  The doctors will ask them for some taste, and if he fined any cancer cells in their throat, they will get to know about the stages also.

·         Stage 0: invaded tumor tissue  
·         Stage I: Tumor less than 7 cm
·         Stage II: Tumor larger than 7 cm
·         State III: Tumor is grown and spread
·         Stage IV: Tumor has spread to the lymph nodes and other organs

 After that, the person can be taken to a CT scan and MRI test which will give the doctor a detailed and better view of the tumor. Surgery, radiation therapy chemotherapy is some kind of therapies which the doctor can use for treatment as per the necessity.

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