What is autism, symptoms of autism, autism awareness?

Stay alert about autism and know the symptoms of it

If the question is Symptoms of Autism then it is known as a very complicated brain disorder which develops by the growth of the kid. This brain disorder can be categorized like social interaction and communication difficulties, verbal and nonverbal problems, and so on. It is mainly a childhood brain disorder problem which mainly and mostly attacks children.

If the question is what is autism then the answer cannot be a single line. It first attacks the child’s brain on the very early stage or you can say at the root of the development of brain. That’s why the kid doesn’t grow up with proper brain development. What is autism shows the answer that lack of care in pregnancy can also be a cause of this disease of a kid.

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 Autism developed mostly between the ages of 2-3. At these ages, you can find the most signs and symptoms of the kid. So it is very important to diagnosis this disease as soon as possible. There are several methods and therapies of what is autism and its answer through which the kid with autism can get improved. Well now a day’s autism awareness increasing and the treatment and therapies along with the empathy and care of family can become a very important aspect for the kid to treat him well.

What is autism is can be an important question for those mothers who have boys? Because boy kids have 5 times extra chances to have this disease rather than girls. According to a survey, autism attacks 1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls, in the United States. And in the U.S. it is the fastest growing brain development disorder.

If you have got the answer to the question what is autism, then here is another question is what the main causes of this disease are? Well, there aren’t any specific reasons generally, but after research of many years, the researchers can find some cause which can occur this brain disorder disease.

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It can be genetic or the environmental factors can influence to develop this disorder
In the case of non- genetic cause, another cause can be pregnancy illness or lack of oxygen in a child’s brain in the womb,

During mother’s pregnancy time, maybe she did not take many vitamins, folic acid, and other necessary foods.

Symptoms of Autism:  Here are some symptoms of Autism. If you find any of these symptoms of Autism in your kid, please take him to the doctor immediately.

•    It is the parent’s task and responsibility to take care of their children and should closely watch over your child. It is one of the important Symptoms of Autism

•    Try to check out if your child is developing like other child’s of its own age, responding promptly on emotions like crying, smiling. If you find and delay in development yu should go to the doctor. It is one of the first symptoms of Autism.

•    If you find your child doesn’t walk or talking properly or he is too late for his age and you are summing this is not normal then this can be another symptom of Autism. This is also a Symptoms of Autism

 •    If your heart and instinct are saying that there is any problem occurring with your child’s health and it can be a Symptoms of Autism then rush to your doctor. A parent’s instinct cannot be wrong. Do not wait and waste your time. Early treatment can make your kid unhealthier. 

Autism awareness is very important role playing regarding the kids who have autism. Autism awareness is a platform where the society and the general public can get to know about this disease in details. The autism awareness will keep boosting the parents who have autistic kids, and they will know how to support them.

There are several campaigns are arranges under this autism awareness. Everyone in society should be a part of this autism awareness and should show their love, care and empathy to all those beautiful kids who have this disease.

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