How to Deal with Anxiety and Depression without Medication

Reduce your Anxiety and Live a Happy Life

If the question is How to deal with anxiety, then, first of all, you should know that anxiety or depression is such a mental condition of people, which can sometimes destroy a person’s life totally.

It first started with a little bit tense, and then it grows up as stress and lot of stress, sleepless nights which have to feel you anxious and worried about you, your family, your love, children, job, money and so many other things which bother you. These sleepless nights’ will increase and it will give you the worst nightmare ever in the form of anxiety. How to deal with anxiety is the question which you should find the answer.

There are many worries which people hide in them and do not share with anyone from a long time, maybe a bad incident of childhood or something worst from past which the person doesn’t want to remember. But that unknowingly stays in their sub-conscious mind. After many years when its memories come back, it gives the person the anxiety. Hiding bad or worst incident or news in the heart can be a cause of anxiety. There are also many other things through which anxiety come and attack people.

If people can follow some simple rules or way-out then they can get rid of the question of how to deal with anxiety. Here are some normal things which you can do and follow and learn how to deal with anxiety.

1. Take deep breathes and trust us it works magically. If you are very tensed and worried about something and you don’t know what to do, then you just take some deep breathes, and make your mind calm. Because you can with the world with a calm and cool mind. So, this is your first option of how to deal with anxiety.

2. When you feel stressed out an anxious, then go out and take a walk. You may do exercise also. Physically active yourself or you can play your favorite video games or playing any music devices like guitar, drum, keyboard. Just do what keeps you busy and can feel you tired. This idea you decently reduce your stress and divert your mind from anxiety. Here is the solution to the problem of how to deal with anxiety.

3. Start it from scratch. Just make a post mortem of the problem and finish the anxiety right there right now. Try to find the origin of the problem, then causes and think logically if there is any solution. If you find any solution your problem is solved. Go for it. But if you don’t find any solution then stop thinking. Because over thinking cannot give you any ideas, but a calm mind can. Through this way, you can get the answer to the question of how to deal with anxiety.

4. Have a good sleep. Anxiety becomes more dangerous when it doesn’t allow you to sleep. But you have to take a good sleep. Next day when you will wake up, you will find new fresh morning. You can also do a thing. Start your every morning with a meditation. Meditations reduce anxiety magically. It is proven also. It is also a process of how to deal with anxiety.

5. Think positive always and don’t lose hope. Always remember, anxiety is nothing but just a feeling only. It can make you feel bad and worst sometimes. But is all upon you, if you let that feeling conquer your mind or you will just ignore it and will live a very happy life. This is the best way through which you can deal with the question of how to deal with anxiety.


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