Stomach Ulcer Symptoms and Treatment

What is a Stomach Ulcer?

Stomach ulcers are a sheer pain in the stomach which happens in the lower stomach or small intestine. A peptic ulcer is it’s another name. The stomach is protected by a thick mucus layer. When this thick layer reduced, then this stomach ulcer attacks. 

This stomach ulcers can be cured easily but if you ignored them it becomes severe. That is why it is very important to get to know about the causes and Stomach ulcer symptoms in detail for everyone and whenever anyone can see of feeling the Stomach ulcer symptoms that a person should immediately go to a doctor for a consult.

Stomach ulcer and its causes

There are many factors which cause stomach ulcer. The main factors which are responsible for decreasing the mucous layer of the stomach are:

  • Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori) bacteria
  • Zollinger –Ellison syndrome
  • Long term uses of medical drugs special nonsteroidal like aspirin or ibuprofen
  • Heavy Smoking
  • Hypercalcemia
  • Taking steroid frequently
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Over 50 to 55 years age

    Stomach ulcer symptoms

    There are many Stomach ulcer symptoms.  Here are some Stomach ulcer symptoms we are going to state about. Please take a close look at them and if you find any similarity of these Stomach ulcer symptoms with your sickness, immediately go to your doctor.

    • Burning the sensation on your chest and lower belly. This pain becomes more severe on the empty stomach and can be last for several hours also. This is one of the most vital Stomach ulcer symptoms.
    • Losing weight certainly can also be Stomach ulcer symptoms.  When you started losing your weight you should take the doctor’s advice
    • Due to intense pain, the person should not be willing to take any kind of food. And always remember empty stomach will increase the pain and the danger of Stomach ulcer symptoms
    • Vomiting can also be a Stomach ulcer symptoms, about which you should take care of Burping and Bloating
    • Reduction of pain after consuming food or antacids is very normal but it also can be a Stomach ulcer symptoms. So next time when you are going to take this kind of pain quite often and it reduces after taking antacids, you should immediately go to your doctor.

      Go take the doctor’s advice if you can find any of these Stomach ulcer symptoms in you even in a milder condition also. Do not give Stomach ulcer symptoms a chance to become severe. When you find Stomach ulcer symptoms in you should immediately go to your doctor. He will surely treat you. He will ask you for some tests like Barium X-ray, Endoscopy and Endoscopic biopsy. After the tests and their results, they can treat you.

      The treatment process of Stomach Ulcer

      The treatment of the stomach ulcer will be decided by the diagnosis of the cause of the ulcer. If the cause was the bacteria H.pylori, then the treatment will be antibiotics.  And there are other medicines too for all other causes of stomach ulcers. After reducing your Stomach ulcer symptoms after starting the treatment, you shouldn’t stop taking the medicine, but you should continue it and complete the course. Because the bacteria should be destroyed fully. You should also reduce smoking consuming alcohol, and all those medicines which will again arise these Stomach ulcer symptoms.

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