How to Prepare Gongura Pachadi (Mesta Chutney) గోంగూర పచ్చడి ?

How to Prepare Gongura Pachadi (Mesta Chutney)


Gongura (mesta)
– 4 Bunches

Red Chilli – 20

Bengal Gram
– 1 Table Spoon

Urad Dal
– 1 Table Spoon

Mustard Seeds
– 1/4 Tea Spoon

Cumin Seeds
– 1/4 Tea Spoon

– 10

– 3 Table Spoons

-1 Pinch

Curry Leaves
– 2 Bunches

– To Taste

Onions – 1

Preparation Method

Wash Gongura (mesta) leaves with water throughly

Put them in colander bowl to drain the water

Heat the pan on stove

Once pan get heated pour one table spoon of oil and heat the oil

Add red chillies and fry them (Keep 2no’s aside to tempering)

Red chillies will get fried in just one minute of time

Switch off the stove and transfer red chillies into a plate

Switch on the stove and add the thoughly washed Gongura (mesta) leaves into the same pan

close with lid and cook for 1 minute

Open the lid after one minute and mix well

so that Gongura (mesta) leaves will get fried evenly

Again close lid and cook for 2 minutes

After 2 minutes switch off the stove

Transfer this Gongura (mesta) fried leaves into a bowl and make it cool

Cut the onions as small as possible, Adding more onions will give better taste to the Gongura (mesta) chutney

Take a mixer jar and add fried red chillies

Add salt to taste

Grind them into fine powder

Add garlic (keep aside 4no’s Garlic for tempering)

Mix well and grind them as coarse powder

Then add fried Gongura (mesta) leaves into the same mixer jar

Grind for half minute

Open the lid and mix well

Again grind for half minute

Dont make it as fine paste, it should be like coarse paste

Need to tempered this Gongura (mesta) chutney

Transfer the Gongura (mesta) chutney into a bowl

heat the pan on stove

Add 2 table spoon of oil

Once oil gets heated add garlic and tore them so that it wont crackle

Add 1/4 tea spoon mustard seeds

Add cumin seeds after mustad seeds get crackle

Add 1 table spoon bengal gram

Add 1 table spoon split Urad dal

Add 2 splitted red chillies

mix well and fry for half minute on low flame

Add one pich hing/Asafoetida powder

Hing gives nice taste to the Gongura (mesta) chuney

Add curry leaves (If they are big, cut into small pieces)

Keep lid on pan so that curry leaves wont crackle

After stopped crackle open the lid and mix them well on low flame

after tempering is done add coarse Gongura (mesta) chutney paste

Mix well and switch off the stove

Add finely chopped onions and mix well

Gongura (mesta) Chutney is ready to serve.

Take it with hot rice after 2 hours of making this chutney

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