Kala Jamun Sweet Recipe

How to Make Kala Jamun Sweet

Kala jamun is a delicious Indian dessert very similar to gulab jamun. The main difference between gulab jamun and kala jamun is the color and texture. While gulab jamuns are golden colored balls, whereas the kala jamuns have a dark color with just some shades away from black. This color is achieved by frying the jamuns at a low flame for some time to get the dark color. Khoya or mawa is used to make julab jamuns or kala jamuns.

Ingredients required:

Instant gulab jamun mix – 200g
Sugar – 600g
Almonds –  6
Pista – 10
Cashew nut – 1 tablespoon
Cardamom powder – 2 teaspoons
Milk – 50ml
Saffron food color – 1 pinch
Refined oil/ Ghee – for deep fry

Preparation method:

Soak almonds and pista for 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes cut the almonds and pista into small pieces.
At the same time cut the cashew nuts into small pieces.
These almonds, pista, cashew nut pieces are used for stuffing purpose in the kala jamun.
In a large mixing bowl add gulab jamun mix (200g) and mix it well.
Add milk (50ml) to the gulab jamun powder and mix the mixture properly.
Use your hands to rub the mixture so that no lumps are formed.
If required add lit bit of water and knead the mixture into dough just like chapatti dough.
The dough must be little bit hard, rest it for some time.

Sugar syrup preparation:

In a bowl, add sugar (600g) and water (1 and half cup) and let it come to boil on medium flame.
Once the syrup starts boiling allow it to simmer till the solution becomes thick and is of one string consistency.
Now add cardamom powder (1 teaspoon) into the solution, stir it well.
Turn off the flame and keep it aside.

Ball Preparation:

1. Mix the dough once.
2. Use ¼th part of the dough for the stuffing purpose.
3. In this ¼th part of the dough add almonds, pista and cashew nut pieces along with cardamom powder (1 teaspoon) and sugar (1 tablespoon).
4. Mix it well.
5. Now add water in the saffron food color.
6. Then add saffron food color (2 tablespoons) to the mixture.
7. Mix it well.
8. Make small balls of the mixture or stuffing and keep it aside.
9. Now mix the remaining ¾th part the dough and make round shape, then press flatly between your palms.
10. Then stuff the mixture, cover and roll lightly and not heavily.
11. Grease your palm with few drops of ghee.
12. Now roll the ball again between your palms to give an oblong cylindrical shape.
13. Ensure that your kala jamuns are smooth and even and no cracks are formed because in that case your kala jamun will become limp and might break once it is dropped in the sugar syrup.
14. Roll all the jamuns this way.
15. Now balls are ready to fry.

Frying process:

a. Heat ghee/ oil in a frying pan, fry the balls in it and add 3-4 balls at a time.
b. Fry it on medium flame till it turns brown
c. Now gently slid the kala jamuns. Do not crowd and add the jamuns as per the size of the pan.
d. Keep on turning them in the oil, fry till they turn a shade or too darker than the golden fried color.
e. Once fried scoop them out with a drainer to drain the excess oil.
f. Whilst they are hot, quickly add them to the sugar syrup and mix well.
g. Fry all the jamuns in the same way and add them to the sugar syrup.
h. Cover and allow the jamuns to soak in the sugar syrup for 3-4 hours.
i. So that the jamuns absorb the sugar syrup well.
j. Transfer the jamuns in a serving bowl.

Tasty and delicious kala jamuns are ready
Taste of this romatic mixture is simply divine! Enjoy!

Serving suggestions:

Serve kala jamuns at room temperature or chilled as a dessert or sweet.
Decorate with silver vark and sprinkle with finely chopped nuts or grated coconut and serve.

Nutrition facts:

Sodium – 40mg
Potassium – 79mg
Total carbs – 14g
Dietary fibers – 1g
Sugars – 5g
Vitamin C – 45%
Calcium – 2%
Iron – 4%

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