Nuvvula Pakundalu Recipe in Telugu Sankranthi Special Sweet – పాకుండలు చేయడం ఎలా?

How to Make Nuvvula Pakundalu Sweet

Nuvula Pakundalu is a very healthy dish, sesame seeds (Nuvulu) contains minerals, natural oils and vitamins.  Vitamin B6 copper, zinc, manganese, phosphorous are present in sesame seeds. The native forms are in both Africa and India. They can prevent diabetes, low blood pressures and a variety of cancers. It builds strong bones, improve heart health.

People who are allergic to nuts need to avoid it, though it is considered as seed it has nutty flavour. Oil is extracted from sesame seeds which is used in cooking in variety of places. They are especially used in salads, cakes, soups and non-vegetarian dishes for flavour.


Jagger – ¼ kg ( cut into small pieces )
Wet rice flour – 1 kg.
Sesame seeds – ¼ cup
Oil – for deep fry
Ghee – 2 table spoons
Coconut pieces – 1 cup ( cut into small pieces)
Water – 1 glass

Preparation method:

First the day before making pakundalu you need to soak rice and in the morning drain water , after 5 minutes grind into flour.
Put a pan on stove and pour 2 table spoons ghee.
Once ghee is hot, put small coconut pieces and fry them on low flame till you get golden brown colour.
Now take them into a bowl, don’t keep it in the pan.
Take another pan and turn on flame.
Now put Jagger in it and pour 1 glass water.
Mix it well till you get thick syrup.
If you have any dust particles in Jagger you can strain it after making syrup.
Take some water in a small plate and put this syrup in it, this syrup should form a ball in water which means the jagger syrup is ready.
Turn off the flame and remove pan from stove.
In this syrup pour 2 table spoons oil and mix it well.
Add fried coconut pieces and mix it.
Add sesame seeds and mix it well in jagger syrup.
Now slowly add wet rice flour and mix it well. You need to add the rice flour till you get a dough.
This dough should be hard to make ball from it.
Put another pan on stove and pour oil for deep fry.
Mean while when oil is heating, make medium balls from this dough.
Apply oil to your hand while making these balls.
Now fry these rice flour balls in oil on medium flame.
Turn them to other side to fry evenly till you get golden brown colour.
You may see cracks on these balls while frying, not to worry they will have a better taste.
Once they are fried take them into a strainer to remove excess oil.

Tasty Sankranti special Nuvvula Pakundalu is ready to serve

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