Triple Negative Breast Cancer Symptoms of Recurrence

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Chemotherapy

Triple-negative breast cancer similar to any breast cancer which is not express the genes for progesterone receptor,  estrogens receptor,  HER2/neu. It is very difficult to treat while in most of the cases the chemotherapy targets only one receptor out of the three. That’s why Triple-negative breast cancer requires a therapy which is called combinational therapy.

The triple negative breast cancer is different from the other hormone positive breast cancer in the case of relapse pattern and its risk is higher than hormone positive breast cancer. Here are some things which you should positively know about the Triple-negative breast cancer, especially the women.

1. Triple-negative breast cancer symptoms may not look different from other breast cancer, it has many unique characteristics. We stated it below.

Report and other therapies: When the test reports of progesterone, estrogens and HER2 will show negative, it means it is not a traditional hormone positive breast cancer treatment is not going to effect. So it will be the time to start the triple negative treatments includes chemotherapy, radiation and targeted therapy for triple-negative breast cancer.

The cell has a tendency of spreading and recur compared to normal breast cancer after treatment. After following the therapy few years, the risk will be decreased.

The cells in the case of Triple-negative breast cancer resemble the basal cells lining the breast ducts. The cells may also be a higher grade, which means they are not healthy and regular cells anymore.

2. Triple-negative breast cancer Treatment process: The standard treatment for Triple-negative breast cancer is surgery along with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Sometime neoadjuvant chemotherapy is also used in Triple-negative breast cancer. This works as a higher rate of triple-negative breast cancer surgery and it will show the response of the patient of chemotherapy through which doctor can understand the response of him in which particular cancer.

TNBC is generally suspectable to chemotherapy, but in some cases, the early complete response makes it particularly complicated to find the optimal chemotherapy. That’s why substantially a taxane can be added to the chemotherapy. In chemotherapy including platinum-based agents and taxanes BRCA1- related triple-negative breast cancer appears to be particularly susceptible.

3. Things you should always remember in triple-negative breast cancer

According to ACS, approximately 90 percent of women who are 40 years old and older and who get through a cancer treatment live their life cancer free at least five years.

ACS recommends for clinical breast exams every year for 40 years and older women and every three years for 20 to 30 years old young girls.

Women who have any other women with breast cancer disease in the family have the doubled chance to have the disease over them.

If you are 40 or older woman, then you should go to the doctor and ask him for the check up once in a year. Especially if you have any case of cancer in your mother, sister or daughters.

Always stay connected with the doctor if a woman sees any kind of plump in her breast. It will be better for her not to ignore that.

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