Top 7 Foods For Pregnant Women

Top 7 Foods for Pregnant Ladies


During the pregnancy maintaining a healthy diet is seems to be a little bit difficult, at this time women’s body needs extra proteins, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Almost 350 to 500 extra calories should be taken during 3rd trimesters each day, lack of important Vitamins and Minerals affect the baby’s growth. It is important to load up on micro nutrients and nutrients like iron, calcium and Vitamin D, reach this goal, intake of nutrient foods like whole grams, millets should be promoted. Here are some foods that can include in pregnancy diet.

1. Dairy products:


During the pregnancy you need to eat up more proteins and calcium which helps for the growth of fetus. Actually dairy products include two types of high proteins called Casein and Whey. These dairy products contains high amount of calcium and phosphorous. Low fat Yogurt also contains more amount of calcium than any other dairy products. Milk is the best source of calcium. 

2. Eggs:


Eggs are rich source of proteins and also contain Vitamins and Minerals along with Choline, which helps in the development of your baby’s brain and spinal cord. Eggs are rich in Zinc, Vitamin A, and D. Each and every cell of growing baby is built with protein so having eggs during pregnancy is good for the fetus. Woman with normal Cholesterol can have maximum of two eggs per day, if the cholesterol levels are increased then it is best to avoid egg yolk.

3. Salmon:


Salmon is a good source of Omega – 3 fatty acids which are very important for the baby’s health. Researchers in the University of Granada have proven that the eating of salmon a week during the pregnancy period is beneficial for both mother and baby. The intake of salmon increases the Omega 3 fatty acids in mother and baby and also increases the antioxidant defenses. 

4. Lentils and Legumes:


Legumes are the rich source of nutrients and proteins. This legume also contains compounds like phytochemicals which helps to prevent the heart diseases, cancer and diabetes. They contain very less amount of cholesterol and low fat and vegetables such as lentils are very rich in nutritional values and also contains high amount of folic acids, fiber, iron and Vitamin B9 which are more essential for pregnant ladies.

5. Green leafy vegetables:


There are several benefits for the pregnant ladies eating vegetables which includes healthy birth of baby and reduces the health problems and diseases. Beta carotene helps for the development of cells and tissues and also optical growth. This Beta carotene finds in:
Sweet potatoes

Vitamin C helps in maintaining healthy bone and teeth development but also helps in growth of connective tissues. Sources of Vitamin C include:


6. Lean meat:


Iron is an essential mineral which is used by the red blood cells; pregnant women needs more iron especially during the third trimester. Low levels of iron may cause the iron deficiency anemia which then leads to the premature delivery and low baby weight. It is very difficult to meet the needs with diet alone, for those who can eat red meat frequently may increase the amount of iron. 

7. Eating fruits:


Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients. When you add them along with your diet then you will get most of the Vitamins, Minerals and other fiber. Eating fruits helps to prevent constipation which is a most common symptom during pregnancy. Eating oranges, mangoes, avocados, bananas, berries and apples helps to build up the strong immune system. 

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