Autism symptoms and correct diagnosis can help your child to cure fast

Autism symptoms and correct diagnosis can help your child to cure fast

Autism is a bigger disorder of brain which hampers the communication and interaction power of a child. It comes along with many other difficulties. Full lack of communication and facing difficulties to understand other’s feelings is a part of Autism symptom and this condition of autism is called Asperger’s symptoms disorders, which is known as ASD. The final of Aspergers is high functioning autism. In this high functioning autism, the symptoms are not as loud as in this autism the person can have average or above average intelligence. Psychiatrists considered high functioning autism is similar to Aspergers. That is why HFA is different from other normal autism. In the case of high functioning autism, the kid can learn languages with great difficulty while in Aspergers they may not be delayed to learn languages but they face difficulties to speak that language. Asperger’s symptom is a part of autism but is somehow different from another normal autism spectrum in the sector of early timing of the kid’s language problem. After the diagnosis of the actual autism, the doctor should let you know about the difference between Asperger’s symptom and high functioning autism.

Both high functioning autism and Aspergers always seem to be frustrating to the parents to tackle such kids. While it is important to know the primary difference between them is, in HFA the child face difficulty to learn the language and in AS, the child face problem to speak it.

Well, there isn’t any specific cause of Asperger’s symptom and high functioning autism.  Some researchers are working on these diseases for a long time and they have found some objects which can be a cause of Asperger’s symptom and high functioning autism. Genetic conditions, environmental factors, and other medical problems can be a cause of this disease. High level of anxiety, depression, mental illness like an obsession, are also can be some causes of Asperger’s symptom and high functioning autism.
The high functioning autism and Asperger’s symptom are very important. You should always give a close look at it so that you can recognize these symptoms easily. Not only underdeveloped language and problem with speaking, there are many other symptoms of high functioning autism and Asperger’s symptom which you should know.
·         Facing trouble while interacting or communicating with others
·         Seen a delay in motor skills
·         Little bit understanding of humor or abstract use of language

·         Obsession with any specific thing, item or information
·         Loud reaction on strong smell, sights, textures, lights
If you find any of these symptoms in your kid, you should immediately go to the doctor and start the treatment. Here is some diagnosis process too. The doctor can ask you to do these things for your child.

·         Psychological counseling
·         Try to give all details about the child’s history to the doctor
·         Asking more question to the parents and all those persons who spent more time with the child.
·         Observing the kid’s behavior very closely
·         Doctor can ask you about some neurological, physical and or genetic testing

·         Let you kid allowed having a speech and language therapy
Living with this high functioning autism and Asperger’s symptom patients is very difficult. So it is very important for the parent especially to stay mentally strong and do not show any kind of negativity in front of their child. Always remember and do as the doctor says and follow his instructions. The parent and those who stay most close to the child should show much love, care, support and sympathy to the child so that he or she can never feel ignorant and alone. That is the only way your kid can live a better life along with treatment.

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