Celebrities associated with Illuminati

Celebrities associated with Illuminati

Illuminati, the secret society is all around in the world. How it is spread throughout? Who is spreading this secret religion of Illuminati among the common man?  It is widespread among the celebrities primarily. The Illuminati celebrities are prey to these Illuminati. They believe that the fame and wealth they have achieved is because they are a member of the Illuminati. 

The celebs are spreading Illuminati in form of their music, videos, songs, animations, and everything. Without much knowledge, we are listening to them. Members of the Illuminati use some strange symbols to spread out their religious conviction and ignorant people like us use those symbols and unknowingly getting addicted to the Illuminati.

Some of the other ways we are also a part of Illuminati, we cannot overcome this situation now. It is everywhere. We may not find it in the first instance but if you closely examine you can find in everything.

Some famous Illuminati members are Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Steve jobs, Micheal Jackson, Rihanna, Rajni Kanth, Saif Ali Khan and many more.
Angelina Jolie is associated with Illuminati from a long time. Her film ‘Tomb Raider’ is largely based on Illuminati storyline. 

Britney Spears is said to be another victim of Illuminati. She has featured many Illuminati symbols in her famous songs videos like ‘Work Bitch’ and ‘I wanna go’.

Rihanna is also a famous Illuminati member. She showcases the hand symbol of Illuminati where palm makes a diamond symbol in public.

Michael Jackson was considered to be a member of Illuminati from a long time. His comeback concerts were scheduled in London just a few days before his death. Jackson before his death started saying everything against Illuminati, its powers and need to control everything in the music industry. Michael’s sister La Toya Jackson said that her brother frequently talked about how “they were trying to kill him.” He was assassinated on June 29, 2005.

Saif Ali Khan, Illuminati in Bollywood said about Illuminati in an interview. He accepted that the Illuminati is an enlightenment. He agreed that he likes the name as it indicates black and mysterious. He is a guy who is interested in black mystery, cults and secret societies.  He told it that Angels and demons a film he will be acting will be totally based on Illuminati.

Rajnikanth changed his name from Shivaji Rao Gaikwad before he came into films.  He was a bus conductor when he got a chance in Kollywood. He sold his soul for 666 (the beast’s number) with the savings he had and got a certificate of Illuminati. There are rumors that the certificate is still hanged in his bedroom till today.

Ever wondered about the strange symbols he has in his movies? Like the baba. What does that symbol mean? Does it have any meaning?
Rajnikanth/Htnakinjar is an anagram for Raja Nth Kin. He chose this name to represent that he considers himself a relative of Satan (The Nth Kin of Satan, the King (Raja) of Hell.

Demoniac, isn’t it?

We do not have full proof against any of them whether what we see is true or not. Like the famous Hindi proverb goes- aankhon ka dhoka;

Extremely Satanic and Demon possessed Lady Gaga, whose lyrics are often attacking the Bible, and openly defaming God, here she is sporting the 666 symbol and the devil has her soul.

Some may be following the crazy trends without knowing its inner meaning. Some might be doing it purposefully. We cannot judge anyone simply by some facts which are true to us.

Here are some famous members of Illuminati we know, who believe themselves as slaves to the devil.
Let us not be a victim of this deadly truth and try to make clear to ourselves from this ghastliness. 

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