Boondi Laddu Sweet Preparation in Telugu (బూంది/మిటాయి లడ్డు చేయడం ఎలా?)

How to Make Boondi Laddu Sweet


  1. Gram flour –  one cup
  2. Sugar – 1 cup
  3. Cooking soda –  A Pinch
  4. Cardamom powder –  1 tablespoon
  5. Oil –  for deep fry
  6. Salt –  A Pinch
  7. Cashew nuts –  20 r 1/4th cup
  8. Kiss miss –  20 r 1/4th cup

Preparation of boondi laddu sweet

  1. Take a bowl, add gram flour and add Pinch of salt, Pinch of cooking soda mix them with your hands.
  2. Make a batter of the flour by adding water little by little just as need.
  3. The batter has to be free flowing yet neither too thick nor too thin.
  4. Boondi to make laddu is not fried too crunchy, it should be partially cooked.
  5. Switch on the flame, take a pan and heat the oil for deep fry.
  6. place Bondi seiver or Boondi Jhara above the oil pan and When the oil heated up, add little batter to the seiver try with just one tablespoon of mixture
  7. Oil has to be hot (not smoking hot), otherwise boondi may not hold shape and may turn flat they should be fried on a medium flame.
  8. Pour one tablespoon of butter or mixture to the boondi seiver.
  9. This recipe needs spreading the batter throughout the boondi seiver or jhara with another ladle to help the batter drop off easily into the hot oil.
  10. when the bubbles begin to cease, remove the boondi to the tissue or kitchen towel.
  11. In the same pan fry cashew nuts and when they are half done add the kiss miss as well.
  12. Switch off the stove and remove the dry fruits from the oil and transfer them to empty bowl.
  13. Pick another fresh pan onto the flame, add one cup of sugar along with small cup of water.
  14. make the sugar syrup by boiling on a medium flame until it reaches one string consistency.
  15. Check the string consistency by taking little sugar syrup with the spoon in between your thump and forefinger.
  16. Check until it get string consistency, then switch off the flame and move the pan a side.
  17. Take a big plate and add fried boondi next add fried cashew nuts and kiss miss and mix well with your hands and add cardamom powder to the boondi mixture mix whole the boondi mixture again properly.
  18. Now add sugar syrup totally to the boondi mixture mix them together finely. 
  19. All the sugar syrup will be observed In a short time.
  20. Take a small portion of mixture and make round shape laddu with your hands.
  21. Make them look like round balls.
  22. After preparing laddoos take them into your plate.
  23. Now boondi laddu sweet is ready.

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