Goru Meetilu Popular Andhra Sweets (గోరు మిటీలు చేయడం ఎలా?)

How to Make Goru Meetilu Recipe


·        Maida – 1 cup
·        Sooji rava – 1 cup
·        Sugar – 1 cup
·        Oil – for deep fry
·        Salt – pinch
·        Cardamom powder – 1 table spoon

Goru Meetilu Recipe Preparation method:

1.      Take a mixing bowl with Maida, sooji rava
2.      Add pinch of salt and mix it well.
3.      Put a pan on stove, turn on flame and add 2 table spoons oil.
4.      Once oil is hot turn off flame and pour this hot oil into mixing bowl.
5.      Mix all these flours with oil when it is hot. You can use Vanaspati instead of oil here.
6.      Mix this mixture into a dough by pouring water as required.
7.      Now put a pan and pour oil to deep fry.
8.      Take some dough and make into medium size balls.
9.      Roll this ball between two hands and press it in the middle (like straight line) and apply oil.
10.  Now put your thumb finger in middle where you have pressed as a line and press the thumb finger nail between next two fingers making like a U shape structure till the end.
You might not get it at once, practice it to get perfect shape.
11.  Oil is hot now, now place goru meetilu in oil and deep fry them. You need to fry them on medium flame, if you fry them on high flame they will get burnt on low flame oil will be absorbed.
12.  Once they are slightly fried one side turn them till you get golden brown colour.
13.  Take them into a strainer so that no oil remains in them.
14.  Now take a pan and turn on flame.
15.  Pour 1 cup sugar, ½ cup water and keep stirring.
16.  Mix till you get a sticky syrup.  
17.  Turn off the flame and place goru meetilu one by one into sugar syrup and dip it well.
18.  Take them into separate plate and pour remaining sugar syrup on them.
19.  Sprinkle cardamom powder on Goru meetilu.

Tasty, popular Andhra Goru Meetilu are ready to serve.

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