Ultimate Self Help guide to Get Girl Pregnant and Conceive a Baby Girl

How to Get Pregnant Fast and Easy

If your heart tempts whenever you look a tiny baby girl and it makes you wonder that one day you too want to have them to share the love which is present inside you. Some people never concentrate on the question of how to get pregnant with a girl until there are married and have a strong desire to have kids. Many to be father wonders how to conceive a baby girl once they in their honeymoon days and preparing for their next step in their life.

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Men never know the basics of how to get pregnant with a girl and due to his shyness or lack of awareness keep avoiding the same until he finds himself stuck in an immediate situation. Many people start looking for kids clothes and kids toys with intense desire in their heart to buy some of them for their own kids.

Here are the guide and underlaid methods which will help you better in scenarios and will give a proper answer to the same common questions in people’s head i.e. how to conceive a baby girl or how to get pregnant with a girl:

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Shettles Method:

This method is around for more than 50 years and it also claims to have a success rate of having a girl child more than 75%. People who were lost in the question of how to conceive a baby girl got immediate answer and remediation via this method.

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Dr. Shettles had a belief that timing is the crucial factor for determining the gender of the upcoming child. Most often the chromosome which carries sperm determines the baby’s gender. Under his observation, he figured out that boy’s sperm has the ability to swim faster and but survive for an only shorter period of time in another end the girl’s sperm is more resilient and but tends to swim slower.

As per Dr. Shettles if you really want to succeed in your quest for how to get pregnant with a girl then you should have sex two or four days before ovulation cycle if you are hoping or desiring to have a girl. By the time the ovulation happens, and then only girl’s sperm should be remained to fertilize the egg. 

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The Whelan Method:

Another common method used by the people to conceive a girl child is Dr. Whelan method which claims at least 57% success rate for the people who want to conceive a girl child. Dr. Whelan’s theory has a slightly different concept in context to answer the question of how to conceive a girl child.

Dr.Whelan’s advice to have sex 2 or 3 days before evolution to have a girl child. This method is little contradictory to Dr. Shettles method but both of them claim success in their own ways.

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No Orgasm Theory:

It is also said that avoiding orgasm is the key to conceive a girl child. If you want to get an answer of this question i.e. how to get pregnant with a girl child in a less tactical way then you should avoid orgasm as female’s orgasm helps boys sperm to survive longer that creates a less hostile environment for them.

Vegan Philosophy:

According to research if you want to have a baby girl or want to answer this question of how to conceive a baby girl in a dietary way than eat healthy fruits and vegetables than you can broaden your chances of having a girl chances just by altering your diet.  Also it advisable to have less penetration for a girl child.

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