Challa Punugulu with Idly Batter

How to Make Challa Punugulu with Idly Batter

Challa punugulu is basically a savory snack, which are very popular street food in some cities of Andhra. These crunchy bites are often served with peanut chutney. There are a few variations in the batter of punugulu. It is also made from idly/dosa batter.

This is very easy snack to make, only the consistency of the batter being the most important aspect of preparing the perfect crisp, golden yet breaks softly on the tongue fritter.

Ingredients Required:

Idly batter – 1 cup
Maida flour – 1 cup
Curd – ½ cup
Cooking soda – ¼ teaspoon
Onion- 1 small size(finely chopped into small size)
Green chilies – 4
Cumin seeds – ¼ teaspoon
Coriander leaves – 4 bunches(cleaned and chopped)
Salt as per taste
Oil for deep fry

Preparation method:

1. Grind the finely chopped green chilies in a mixer to a coarse paste and keep it aside.
2. In a large mixing bowl add idly batter (1 cup), Maida (1 cup), curd (½ cup), coarse paste of green chilies, cooking soda (¼ teaspoon), chopped onions, cumin seeds (½ teaspoon) and salt as per taste.
3. Mix nicely all the ingredients evenly with your hands.
4. Moisture present in the curd is enough to mix the batter instead of water.
5. Adjust the consistency of batter, if required add very little water.
6. Make a paste which is neither too thick nor too thin and ensure that no lumps either.
7. Once you get the right consistency of the batter then you will surely get the right texture and crispiness of the fritter.
8. After mixing leave aside the batter aside for 30 minutes.
9. Now heat oil in a frying pan, adjust the flame to medium high, not low and not high.
10. Before frying just mix the batter once.
11. If your batter is runny and you should add a little more Maida flour.
12. Shape the batter to round balls with your fingers and gently swipe the excess batter.
13. Drop them in the hot oil carefully.
14. Within a few seconds after you drop the batter into the oil your fritter will swim up onto the top of the oil.
15. Once one side of the fritters turns golden, then turn over the fritters to the other side until golden as well.
16. Once the fritters have turned golden brown on both sides scoop them out with a drainer to drain the excess oil.
17. Spread a napkin paper on the plate.
18. Finally transfer them from the drainer into a plate layered with oil absorbing kitchen paper napkin.
19. Repeat the same process and fry them until golden brown.

Tasty and crispy challa punugulu is ready now
Serve them with a spicy peanut chutney or coconut chutney or of your choice.

Nutrition facts:
Calories         – 160
Total carbs    –  30 g
Protein           –  5 g

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