How to Lower Blood Pressure?

How to Lower Blood Pressure?

Technologies have several advantages over the current human generation as it simplifies way of being and doing things. But in the backdrop, it does come with several disadvantages that hamper the healthy way of living.

Majority of the people are crippled by stress, anxiety, and hypertension nowadays. Most of the young youths who have crossed 20 years of age around the globe are facing the major problem which is how to lower blood pressure and trying hard to keep it under normal and pre-defined range. So this problem is not even affecting elder generations but also has griped younger generation.

Most of the people do not realize the implications of this fast, advanced age and live out their lives in ignorance. All they have to do is to bring balance in their cholesterol level, their sugar level to address the question of how to lower blood pressure.

We have a set of arteries through which blood flows in our organs and blood pressure is the relative measurement of the total force applied in these artery walls. High blood pressure can increase or enhance the chances of strokes or heart attacks, along with the failure of any organ of the human body like a kidney. So it is always good to know and be aware of steps to countermeasure the question i.e. how to lower blood pressure.

People should make major changes in their lifestyle, a way of living, thinking to solve the mystery of how to lower blood pressure. Below are tips which always give tremendous results when incorporated into one’s lifestyle to address how to lower blood pressure and keep the same in nominal range. Here’s list:

Lifestyle Changes/Implementing Exercise as a Drug: 

The first step towards solving question how to lower blood pressure is incorporating major lifestyle changes and indulging in work-out routinely. Lifestyle changes include taking enough sleep for the body to develop sufficient immune power, waking up early in the morning and going for a walk, choosing a suitable work-out regime etc.

People with high blood pressure should be more disciplined towards their daily activity; they can’t just casually sit around all day cursing their fluctuating blood pressure levels. They need to be active to make proper regulation of blood flow. Also, it is suggested that people who have high blood pressure should avoid taking a long nap in the afternoon if they are habitual than it is suggested to make it short nap which is around 20-25 minutes.

They should also avoid staying up late in the night as it disrupts the blood flow throughout the body and increases blood pressure levels eventually. They should periodically measure blood pressure level in their body through which slightest anomaly can be caught in early stages. Normal blood pressure is around or below 120/80, so the prehypertension stage is said to between 120/80 to 139/89. Stage-1 of high blood pressure is between 140/90 to 159/99 & Stage-2 is above 160/100. These levels should be known and should be checked periodically.

Dietary Changes:

Dietary changes are another important factor that should be altered if someone wants to deal with the question of how to lower blood pressure instantly. They should avoid drinking alcohol in any circumstance and if needed then drinking should be in the moderate level. Salt should be kept out of the dining table as it increases blood pressure.

Consumption of caffeine should be minimized and low carbohydrates food should be included in the diet. High potassium foods like banana, almonds, garlic etc. should be included in the diet as they lower hypertension. Number one dietary tip regarding how to lower blood pressure level instantly is opting for high Vitamin-D in the diet which can be even induced in the body from Sunlight.

Adopting Stress-free Thinking Habits by Meditation & Yoga: 

The thought process is a very crucial feature when finding answers for how to lower blood pressure. One should take things lightly when combating with high blood pressure levels. Meditation should be introduced in lifestyle to make things let go from mind without creating stress. Yoga can also very beneficial to ground the awareness and make the body/mind to function at its best which regulates optimum blood flow without putting stress on arteries.

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