Simple Chicken Curry for Beginners కొత్తగా వంట నేర్చుకునే వారు కూడా చికెన్ చాలా రుచిగా చెయ్యొచ్చు

Simple Chicken Curry for Beginners and Bachelors

Here is the simple and easy method of preparing chicken curry at home. Beginners in cooking can follow this video and prepare the delicious chicken curry.

Chicken is one of the protein-rich food. We can serve this chicken with rice and roti as well. We can also use this chicken as a side dish for Kuska Rice, Bagara Rice, Vegetable biryani, Jeera Rice, Pudina rice, etc. We can also have this curry in the morning breakfast along with Minapa Garelu or Vadalu recipe.

There is n number of types of methods in the preparation of chicken curry, you can check out Mana Vantullu cooking channel for types of chicken curry recipes. This is one of the best and easy chicken curry.


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