Prostate Cancer Causes and Symptoms

Fight Prostate Cancer: By Getting One’s Bottoms Check Periodically

Many times we know about names of diseases and their extent of devastation if they enter our body but we don’t really care much about getting away from them by adopting the best living standards possible. We tend to fall into the trap of putting it all in the hands of tomorrow and spoiling the present. 

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Cancer is the disease which mostly takes incurable shape & structure when not treated in the initial stages. Periodic consultation and check-up are very crucial in tackling with cancer. Like any other cancer Prostate cancer symptoms in the initial stage are negligible and very hard to get noticed.

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But with the periodic set of check-up after a certain age can help to trace down Prostate Cancer Symptoms in initial stages itself.  Prostate cancer is a variation of cancer where there is the formation of cancer cells and tissues in the prostate glands.

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The prostate is basically a gland which is present in males around their reproductive system/organ. The exact location of the prostate is below the bladder which is responsible for collection and discharge of urine and right in front of the rectum which is the lowermost part of the intestine.

The changes in this region can’t be detected in the initial stage, that’s why most people fail to address prostate cancer symptoms in starting stages. It is the size of the walnut, which is very small and it surrounds the urethra. The main function of the prostate gland is to make fluid or liquid which constitutes semen.

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Today 1 out of 8 men are affected by prostate cancer and most of them miss out prostate cancer symptoms in preliminary stages. It is said that men over 40 years of age should undergo periodic check-up & catch to test prostate cancer in the initial stages. Many men over the age limit of 80 years possess some degree of prostate cancer. But it is not that aggressive and violent in killing people as many other cancer types, in most of the cases people die with something else along the way.

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All we need is proper awareness to catch prostate cancer symptoms in starting days itself. If caught in earlier stages, then there is hope of getting treated and recovered fully from this disease. Men should take care of this perspective of their health after a certain age.

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There are many early alarms from prostate cancer when it starts to enter one’s body. Few most prominent early signs or prostate cancer symptoms are as follows:

Frequent feeling of urination especially at night time.
Leakage of urine while laughing, coughing or running.
Difficulty to control the stream of urine either in stopping or starting the same. Also, urine flow is weak.
Difficulty or pain while urinating while standing up.
Patients can find traces of blood in their semen or urine.
Very painful erection.
Swelling and constant pain in lower parts of the body. Muscle pain in lower back.
Digestive system failure like constipation or irregular bowel movements.
Pain in bones, pain while walking and standing up.

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