Amazing Facts and Ancient History of India with Pictures

The Amazing Facts and Ancient History of India

India is one of the most known and popular countries all over the world, mostly known for its culture, population, and history. The name ‘India’ comes from the river Indus. It is also known as ‘Bharata’ in the ancient history of India, is named after the mythological emperor, Bharata, who is a part of the Indian epic, Mahabharata.

According to Hominid activity, India is stretching over from near about 250,000 years and it is one of the oldest regions in the world. In an excavation, a 4000-year-old human skeleton was found in Balthal, which proves that Leprosy existed an even ancient history of India also.


According to the ancient history of India, the beginning of Vedic culture and Aryan invasion was from 1500 BC. The Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro civilization was one of the first and most detailed civilizations about which we get to know through various excavations. The Harappa Civilization was named also Indus valley civilization and was divided in the early (5000-4000 BC), middle (4000-2900 BC) and mature (c. 3000 BC) periods.


After that, the Vedic period started with the Aryans in the ancient history of India. This time society was divided among them into 4 classes or Varna’s. Bhambhanas are on the tops who are teachers, priests and scholars, Kshatriyas on the second position- the warrior class, Vaishya- The businessmen class are in the third position and the lowest class was Shudra the labors.

At first them the class system was started, it was only divided on the basis of the working positions, but later, it becomes the status position and the shudras got dominated by all other three classes. This time the epics of India Mahabharata, Ramayana, all the Vedas, Purana etc. were written. In the ancient history of India, it is one of the most important stages.


Then the Maurya kings become rulers and after the attack of Alexander, the king Asoka becomes one of the great emperors of the world. He first started to conquer the heart by spreading Buddhism all around the world. The connection with Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet was stronger due to Buddhism and King Asoka.

 In the ancient history of India list after that the Kushan’s, then Gupta’s, then Khilji’s and after that Mughal’s ruled in India. 

That was about the ancient history of India, now here are some interesting facts about India which will surely amaze you.

One of the interesting facts about India is diamonds are first mined in India. In the Krishna River delta diamonds mines are available and before the 18th century, the discovery of Brazil’s diamond mines, India was lead in the diamond business.


Another interesting fact about India, which will surely amaze you is there is a polling booth arrange for election for a single voter in the Gir forest. Mahant Bharatdas Darshandas started to give his vote from 2004 and the govt gives him the opportunity of having a polling booth just for him.

Another interesting fact about India is it is the second English spoken country. Only 10% of its total citizen can speak that foreign language but the 125 billion gives India 2nd position in the world.


The famous indoor game Snake and Ladder was first invented in India. It was a way to make the kids learn the path of karma through this game. It was called then Moksha Patamu. After many days it was commercialized and now it is a popular game among kids. It is another interesting facts about India which you must know.

In many other interesting facts about India, one of the most mesmerizing facts is shampoo concept is a full Indian concept. It was invented India first and was used herbs instead of chemicals. The word shampoo comes from Sanskrit work Champu which means massage.

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