Crafts Ideas for Kids with Paper

Amazing and Easy Paper Craft Ideas for Kids

Holidays are the most beautiful part in student life. It is freedom from every day’s study and homework (the cause of worry for kids). The kids these days don’t have much free time after school work for extracurricular activities. The holidays are the best time a child is free from his regular school and has plenty of time to sit and gossip with cousins and friends and spend some time with parents and elders listening to some good bedtime stories.

If you are thinking to make your Childs’ holidays interesting and constructive for him, then you can tell some crafts ideas for kids. The craft for kids is usually very easy to make and recreational for the child. You can definitely make him little busy with some craft ideas for kids.

Now a day’s kids are very much fascinated with the toys of Ben10, Transformers, Thomas the engine, Chota Bheem, Ninja to name a few. The sellers of these toys are making a lot of profit by selling these toys. Every time we go to buy some toy its price is so high that we cannot afford it neither can see our kids face sad.
Ever wondered if we can make their favorite toy at home..!! Half of our problem will be solved and in case if we teach them how to make the toy, they will get busy in making them.

Usually, the kids are fascinated by something their hero in the cartoon holds on to. The Ben’s watch, ninja star, Dora’s bag and many other are exchanged among our kids.

Today we are going to tell you about how to make crafts for kids. Ninja star is most famous among kids today. They are fascinated on how ninja defeats the bad guy just by throwing his star.

This is just a replica of the metal star the cartoon character flings. To start this craft for kids, easy and fun craft ideas for kids;

Step 1:

You may need two sheets of square papers of any size.

Usually, it depends on the size of the star you want to make. You can take them of any color or two different colors. For easy understanding, here we will show you in two different colors.

Image Source:

Step 2:

Fold the sheets exactly into two halves as shown in the figure.

Image Source:

Step 3:

After you fold them in half, tear them into two pieces and take one piece of each color. Old them in half like we did it for before.

Image Source:

Step 4:

after you fold them vertically, now fold them again from top to bottom like it is shown in the image below. This is called hot dog style.

Image Source:

Step 5:

Unfold it and fold the paper in hamburger style, shown in the image below.

Image Source:

Step 6:

After you fold them, you will have two papers which look like the image on the left. You need to turn the leftover paper again so it forms a triangular at the ends.

Image Source:

Step 7:

Fold the triangular parts again to form a parallelogram shape.

Then, unfold and place the two sheets one above the other as shown in the picture to the right.

Image Source:

Step 8:

Place the figure you flipped over the other one so that the flaps are pushed into the other one’s pockets. Take the top of the figure that’s underneath, and tuck it into the bottom pocket of the figure on top.

Image Source:

Step 9:

your final craft for kids will look like this way.

Image Source:

This is an easy craft idea for kids and easy to make. The kid can make it himself as there is no use of scissors and any harmful accessories the kids need to make this craft for kids.

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