Easy Rava Laddu Preparation in Telugu (రవ్వ లడ్డు చేయడం ఎలా)

How to Make Rava Laddu Recipe

Ingredients :
Upma rava / sooji – 1 cup
Sugar – 1 cup
Cashew nuts – 3 table spoons
Kismis – 3 table spoons
Musk melon /Water melon seeds – 3 table spoons
Badam – 6
Elachi powder – 1 tea spoon
Ghee – 5 table spoons

Preparation method :
First we need to fry all the ingredients one by one on a low flame in ghee.

1. Put a pan on stove and turn on flame.
2. Once pan is hot, pour 3 table spoons ghee.
3. Fry cashew nuts in ghee on a low flame till you get golden brown colour.

If you fry cashew nuts on low flame they will not get burnt but will fry evenly.

4. Take fried cashew nuts into a bowl.
5. Now fry 3 table spoons kismis in ghee on a low flame, kismis will swell once they are fried.
6. Take these fried kismis into a bowl.
7. Now fry badam in ghee on low flame till they get golden brown colour.
8. Take them into a bowl.
9. Now fry watermelon seeds or musk melon seeds till they get golden brown colour. Take them into a bowl.
10. In the same pan now pour a cup of Upma rava or sooji and fry till the colour changes to light brown.
While frying sooji you need to keep sting it continuously to fry sooji evenly without sticking to pan. Take into a bowl.
11. Now put another pan and pour sugar.
12. Add half cup water to sugar and keep string it till sugar get dissolved in water and water boils.
13. Now adjust flame to low and add 1 tea spoon elachi powder to this syrup and mix it well.
14. Now add fried sooji into sugar syrup and mix it evenly.
While mixing sooji should not form like balls.
15. After mixing add fried dry fruits one by one except badam into this sooji mixture.
16. Mix this once again and transfer into a flat bowl to cool.
17. After half an hour the water will be absorbed by sooji and this mixture is ready to make balls.
18. To make balls apply ghee to both hands.
19. Take some sooji mixture into hand and press into round balls.
Garnish sooji laddu with fried badam and keep in a serving bowl.

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