Kharbooja Lassi (Musk Melon Lassi) ఖర్బూజా లస్సి

How to Prepare Musk melon/Kharbooja Lassi?


-Half Piece

-1 Cup

-2 Table Spoons

Mint Leaves
-Few Leaves

Cardamom powder
– Half tea spoon

Ice Cubes
-As per choice

Preparation Method

  • Remove seeds from kharbuja (Musk melon)
  • Cut the Khar Buja (Musk melon) into small cubes, so that we can easily grind them in mixer
  • Transfer the kharbuja (Musk melon) cubes into a bowl
  • For one cup curd use one cup of kharbuja (Musk melon) cubes, is the sufficient quantity
  • Take a mixer jar and add kharbuja (Musk melon) cubes
  • Add two table spoons sugar
  • Make them as fine paste
  • Now add one cup of curd
  • Add mint leaves
    • Add half tea spoon of Cardamom powder
    • Add ice cubes
    • Grind well in a mixer jar
    • Now the kharbuja (Musk melon) lassi is ready to serve

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