Malai Puri Sweet Recipe

How to Make Malai Puri Sweet Recipe

Malai puri sweet is a popular Bengali sweet that can be prepared even by newbies. It is quite simple to make and rich tasting sweet. In kalakand, you can add dry fruits as well flavourings of your choice. It tastes delicious with crumbled texture just like the one sold in sweet stalls.

Ingredients required:

Maida – 100g
Sugar – 200g
Sweet kova – 25g
Cardamom powder – 1 teaspoon
Oil for deep fry
Lemon – ½ slice

Preparation method:

1. In a large mixing bowl add 100g of Maida, 25g of sweet kova, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon of cardamom powder.
2. Mix all the ingredients well.
3. Add enough water to make smooth dough.
4. Make sure that no lumps are formed and the batter consistency should be like dosa batter and set aside for 1 hour.
5. Meanwhile prepare the sugar syrup.
6. In a heavy bottomed vessel add 200g of sugar and 1 cup of water.
7. Bring that to boil and adjust to low flame, so it turns sticky and one strand consistency.
8. Add lemon juice extracted without seeds into the sugar syrup and add 1 teaspoon cardamom powder and mix it well.
9. Now turn off the stove.
10. Transfer the sugar syrup to the wide vessel.
11. Now heat oil in a flat bottom frying pan under medium flame.
12. Take a small ladleful of batter and pour that in the oil.
13. The batter will spread itself into small puries.
14. Don’t over crowd the vessel with puries.
15. Cook this mixture on medium heat till the sides turn golden.
16. Now flip them over and cook for few more minutes till it turns golden.
17. Once it is done, drain them and drop them in the warm sugar syrup.
18. Repeat the same process and fry them until golden color.
19. Let them stand in the syrup for 2 minutes, drain them and arrange them in a plate.
                                   Now delicious malpuas are ready
Preparation of kalakand:

Ingredients required:

1. Milk – 1 liter
2. Sugar – 100g
3. Cardamom powder – 1 teaspoon
4. Ghee – 3 tablespoons
5. Lemon salt – 1 pinch
6. Cashew nuts – 5
7. Badam – 5

Preparation method:

Heat half liter milk in a thick bottomed vessel and bring to boil.
Stir constantly to prevent burning.
When milk comes to boil add 100g of sugar and mix it well.
Stir and adjust to low flame and heat till milk is thick and reduced to half.
Now add remaining half liter milk, if you can manage can increase the flame to medium while cooking, but make sure you don’t burn it.
Now add lemon salt to the boiling milk and stir it well.
Stir the mixture often so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pan or vessel.
After a short while, the kalakand mixture will start thickening well and looks like one mass and will begin to leave the sides of the pan.
Add 1 tablespoon of cardamom powder and 2 tablespoons of ghee to the mixture and mix it properly.
Now switch off the stove.
Take a vessel and grease it with 1 tablespoon of ghee.
Now pour the kalakand mixture in the greased vessel.
Shake the vessel gently so that the mixture spreads evenly.
You can also level with a spoon or spatula and rest it for 30 minutes so that kalakand completely comes to room temperature.
Now transfer the kalakand to the plate and after it sets, slice the kalakand into the desired size and shape.
Furthermore slice the cashews and badam into small pieces and garnish the kalakand with these nuts and lightly tuck them in.
Set aside for 5 minutes and slice into desired shape.
Now kalakand is also ready for the malai puri preparation.

                                             Now stuff the kalakand into the malpuas and roll it
                                 Transfer the rolled malai puri to a serving plate and garnish with dry fruits
                                             Delicious and sweet malai puries are ready


1. When you fry malpuas, if you see them disintegrating in the oil, then the batter is too thin and add more flour to make it thick.
2. If the batter is too thick then the malpua will be denser, so add more milk.
3. The sugar syrup doesn’t need to boil for longer. If you let it cook longer then the sugar will crystalize. Let the syrup boil till it gets little thick and sticky.

Nutrition facts:

1. Calories – 1592
2. Total carbs – 95.9
3. Protein – 33.5
4. Fat – 119.8

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