Most Common Initial Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

Most Common Initial Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

Life is a gift which everyone should cherish as long as he is alive. But as people advances in the river of life, they face many heartbreaking obstacles which literally tear them apart. They get stuck in the vicious circle where there is no hope to come out of their misery as they missed the initial sign of upcoming storms. One such obstacle is Cancer which depreciates human body slowly and gradually. Cancer is among the most fatal diseases in the world which still appears as a mystery disease for scientists.


One of the variants of the cancer is pancreatic cancer which nearly affects the vast majority of people around the world.  It is one of the most difficult tasks to detect pancreatic cancer symptoms in the early stages. In most of the scenarios, pancreatic cancer symptoms are overlooked and only known when cancer has grown wide-spread through-out the body. Initially, there are minute changes in the body which are very hard to detect in the case of pancreatic cancer symptoms, they are very silent, dull and painless in the starting days. Most common pancreatic cancer symptoms are listed below:


1. Wide-Spread Body Indications:

Through-out the body there are many indications of this growing cancer. Most common of whole body pancreatic cancer symptoms are listed below:

Weight Loss (On the Tremendous Scale)
Loss of Appetite (Always feeling full)
Elevated Sugar levels (As this growing cancer hampers the ability to produce insulin to patients develops Diabetes)
Irritation, Restlessness & Malaise (Behavioral & Functional Shift)

Above were few listed changes that can be observed throughout the body which can be marked in the initial stages as pancreatic cancer symptoms.

2. Initial Gastrointestinal Symptom for pancreatic cancer:

Pancreatic cancer symptoms are most dominant around the digestive system as it grows around the most pivotal area of the digestive system. Most of the people suffer abdominal pain as cancer grows which might eventually come and go. The pain starts from the upper abdominal region and spread toward the backward side. This pain is mostly very dull in the initial stages.


Patients also feel very uncomfortable swelling in their abdominal region. Few also complain for Diarrhea in those initial days which are very frequent.  Urine becomes darker in color and stool color also changes to pale or clay color as the duct which connects the intestine is blocked by this cancer.


3. Skin & Other Symptoms:

As cancer starts from the tip of the pancreas which is very near to bile duct which can lead to Jaundice. Jaundice is referred to as yellowing of eyes and skin and is the most common pancreatic cancer symptoms.  Jaundice hampers normal functioning of the liver by obstruction proper flow of bile. But if cancer starts on body or tail end of the pancreas then it doesn’t obstruct duct until and unless it spreads thought-out the pancreas. In this case, Jaundice might not happen in the initial stages.


Blood test and other test are recommended to get a better picture of the functioning of the liver and which might give a proper clue of the reason for the disease. Some people often report itchy skin in initial stages which is mainly caused because of bilirubin to build up in the liver. Frequent nausea and vomiting are most commonly observed in pancreatic cancer symptoms in starting days. The patient also notices changes in the bowel movement and find irritation near bowel region.  Elevated fever and shivering are also accompanied by Jaundice which is always an alarming sign.


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