Common Food Allergy Symptoms

Be Careful about these Food Allergies the Common Allergic Foods


Food allergies are very common among the children especially. It is a reaction of the immune system, after taking some specific foods. Even a very little amount of foods which have an allergic element for that person can trigger the allergy symptoms and give them allergic problems. Anaphylaxis is a very dangerous and life-threatening allergic reaction, so you should be very careful about the allergies and do not take them lightly.

They can be a very dangerous time to time. So you should be extra careful about the food allergy symptoms and you should know about common food allergies through which you can stay protected from the allergies. The food allergies mostly found in children under the age of 3, and some of them carried these allergies until the end of their life. But it is easy to get rid of these allergies. Just stay away from the foods which cause food allergies. But for that, you should observe the food allergy symptoms and common food allergies for living a healthy and less troubled life. Here are some information about Food allergy symptoms and common food allergies.


Food allergy symptoms can observe in a person started after some minutes of consuming the allergic foods for two hours. The most common food allergy symptoms are here enlisted:
Itching in throat and mouth


Itching in the skin, hives or eczema
Wheezing while breathing, breathing problems
Dizziness, fainting, light headiness
Swelling of neck, throat, lips and allergy affected skin on the other body parts
Vomiting, abdominal pain

But when these Food allergy symptoms get severe, it can cause harm to your health, and sometimes it can be life-threatening. Weak pulse rate, Fainting, Lower blood pressure, chest pain are some kind of severe symptoms of food allergies.



Anaphylaxis is a very dangerous state of food allergy. It can be life-threatening. The symptoms of Anaphylaxis allergy are:
The nasal problem, breathing trouble
Swollen throat faces difficulty to eat
A sudden drop in blood pressure
Pulse rate gets more rapid
Unconsciousness or fainting

These are some Anaphylaxis food allergy symptoms which you should observe very carefully and take the patient immediately to the doctor. It can be life-threatening.


Here are some foods which cause common food allergies.  You should stay away as much as you can from these foods if you are allergic to these. 90% of people who are allergic are mostly allergic to these foods.

1. Milk is one of the most used food components in kids and children’s food items. But most of the cases your kids can be allergic to milk. Most of the person, who has the milk allergy, is mainly allergic to cow’s milk. It is one of the main causes of common food allergies.
2. Eggs contain proteins, but as well as allergic components too. Most of the kids are also getting allergic to eggs and all kinds of things made with egg. It is another cause of common food allergies.
3. Peanuts, tree nuts and soy are also a big cause of common food allergies. 20% of kids in America are allergic to nuts, peanuts and soy. So before giving those nuts and soy in meals and breakfasts, just check if they are allergic to it or not.


4. Wheat is a component of common food allergies for adults. Many adults have complaints from wheat allergies. So if you are facing this kind of troubles, then stop taking wheat and foods made from wheat. If the allergies went after that, then you are allergic to wheat.

SO before taking any food made by upstate things to you and your kids, you should have these foods keep in your mind, and check if you or they are allergic to them. Go to the doctor immediately for allergy, do not ignore it.

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